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Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion 8oz

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5 Emily
Gentle on my skin. Paired with the Acne Facial Cleanser, this has become part of my daily routine. Can't imagine myself without it now!
5 Lucy
Love this product! It makes my skin feel so clean and smooth!
4 Laura
Good toner! Skin feels really soft and clean after use.
3 Gin
It's okay, I would say, It does clean the skin but contains alcohol so might dry your skin out, my skin is normal to oily but i still feel quite tightened after using it. Highly recommended for people live in high humidity climate, otherwise, not really !!
5 Sian May
I love this toner. It's so mild compared to others but I feel like my skin is really fresh and clean after using it. It's great for using to remove the Silver Powder too. Wish the bottles were bigger though. Will definitely be repurchasing, love this range, clearing my acne right up!
5 Anon
Love the smell. Helps to rebalance my skin and helps reduce oiliness during the day. I use this with the Mario badescu acne facial cleanser and my skin is so clear and feels renewed.After just a few uses with the acne facial cleanser I can see scarring already fade away.Great product!!
5 Salsabil Miah
I incorporated this toner into my skin care couple of months ago, as I suffer from cystic acne and occasional white heads on my cheeks. Using this completely changed my skin and my breakouts were gone! I then changed my toner, as I stopped suffering some acne.. however, my breakouts came back to which I returned back to using this toner. It's helps so much. Its so gentle on my acne areas. I now recommended to all my friends
5 Amy
By far the best product I have ever used! I am on my 3rd bottle and swear by this item. I had awful under the skin spots that made me so self conscious. Every night I took my make up off with this and my spots have completely disappeared! This isn't a product that will work over night but rather with time. Be patient and you will thank yourself for it. Cannot recommend enough.
5 Poppy
I cannot speak highly enough of this toner! It works wonders even overnight to completely remove new spots and minimize older ones. My skin used to be ridiculously oily and this has completely eradicated any oilyness while keeping my skin moisturized. I love to use it after Mario Badescu's healing and soothing mask before bed and the improvement of my skin overnight is unbelievable. You get so much for your money too!
5 Katerina
I wasn't using a toner for years, and I decided to buy this one to help me with the breakouts I have now and then. Besides it helps a lot my acne prone skin, it's also helping my moisturizer being absorbed faster!! That makes me wondering actually why I wasn't using a toner.
4 Sonia
I really like it but a bit mild for me, so I put a few drops of tee tree oil to make it more potent. It's refreshing, doesn't dry out the skin and it feels nice when you put it on. It's a very good toner!
5 Erika
Absolutely love this! Received att sample of this when I bought some other stuff. I wouldn't choosen this because it container alcohol and my otherwise combination skin tends to get very dry and flake in the t-zone when I use products with alcohol in them but I thought I would try it and stop using it if I got dry but it did WONDERS for my skin! I had a little bit of breakout going on and they were gone by the Second day and my skin has never had this little blackheads, have never found a product that works for my blackheads before so I'm very pleased! Need to order more! And also I fina that if you Washington your face with this the pores open up and you can remove your blackheads without getting to use alot of force and ruin your skin!
5 Nicole
Just finished my second bottle and on to the third! I used this because I couldn't get my hands on the normal cucumber lotion for a while and I'm just as impressed. Glad I got this one because my skin was so oily and now it's my skin has completely evened out whilst still keeping the natural moisture in my skin.
4 Gianella
I received this item in the mail about 2 weeks ago and have been using it daily morning and evening eversince. I have combination skin with occassional break outs, sometimes even cystic acne, and lately I've been having hormonal breakouts so after reading reviews online decided to purchase this item. I must say it does actually work! It' not an overnight thing though so you have to be patient when you want to see results. I noticed my acne clear up and it also brightened my skin. will definitely repurchase once I finish the bottle (wont be soon though since this may even last me a few more months). Good value for money!
5 CH
Very happy with this product. Would definitely recommend My skin feels so clean after using this toner.
5 floriane
Love this product, so fresh, smells amazing!! Makes the skin feel so clean..
5 CP
I like this a lot but do prefer the cucumber cleansing lotion over this as I find that this makes my skin a little red. This is probably best for acne/oily skin and not on my dry/sensitive skin. I'm still impressed at how gentle it is compared to other toners that gives me a rash. Still a great product!
5 amy
i use this combined with clean n clear blackhead toner day and night and rarely get spots whereas i used to suffer really badly before. i also use the drying cream at night
5 Corinne
Soooo much better then any toner that I've used before! It doesn't have that overwhelming alcohol scent. The smell is actually quiet pleasant! Doesn't dry out my skin too much and seems to keep my skin feeling smooth :) love it!
5 Komilla
I bought this toner again once it ran out. I never understood the purpose of a toner till I bought this product. It is great for refreshing and fresh feel on the face. I suffer with acne, so on days when I don't wear make up I cleanse with the Mario cleanser and put this toner on and am set. When I wear make up I put a mattifying moisturiser on top of this toner, this way I feel the toner keeps the cool cucumber feel on the face. It doesn't smell or taste, it is extremely lightweight, almost like applying water. The bottle lasts a good couple of months even with twice a day use.
5 Regina
This is a great toner! I have combination acne-prone skin and this works great on my forehead, nose and chin. But I feel like it might be a little bit drying on my cheeks which are on the dry side. What works for me it to use this 2x a day on my forhead, nose, chin and only at night on my cheeks. This in combination with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel has totally changed my skin. I still get blemishes but they clear up so much quicker and my face glows.
5 Shin Yun
I use this with the MB acne facial cleanser and it really helps with the acne control. My face condition is improved by 90% after a month use. With the alcohol in the content, it certainly helps with disinfectant and doesn't dry out the skin. I am very satisfied with my purchase of this toner.
5 Ariel
New favorite! Does what i says and smells great!
5 Johanna
I started using this toner just over a month ago when as recently my skin started breaking out. I've gone from having sore, under the skin spots and whiteheads to having totally clear skin again. I noticed a difference in my spots after just two days of using this (combined with the drying cream). Absolutely love it! Just about to order my second bottle as a back up - I don't want to run out of this - EVER!
4 Sunraine
Very gentle, yet effective. I use it with the seaweed cleanser. They work well together.
5 Aimee
Best toner I've used, use to think toners were pointless until I tried this..
5 Beverley Thompson
What can I say about this toner other than. FABULOUS! completely changed my skin (incorporated with seaweed cleanser)
5 Rozeena
I absolutely love this toner! I saw a difference in my complexion after 1 day of using it ! :)
5 Ceri
Excelletn toner. I have very oily skin and toners are either too soft and can't combat the oil or too harsh and dry out my skin round my mouth and nose. This toner is tough enough to deal with the oil but gentle enough it doesn't dry my skin. Highly recommended and great for clearing up mild acne too.
5 Ida Christine Dalum
This is by far my favorite toner! For many years I used the anti blemish toner from Clinique and simply found it too harsh on my skin. This is definitely a drying, deep cleansing toner but it isn't nearly as harsh on my sensitive and delicate skin as the one from Clinique. Definitely an important part of my skincare routine! :) on my second bottle already.
4 Hedwig
this is a good toner that does dry your spots to some extent. I find that i really need to use a good moisturizer otherwise my skin gets really dry and flaky (i have combination skin). that´s why you´ve got MB´s moisturizers :) Together with the drying cream it´s great :)

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