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Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder 0.5oz

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Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder Zoom
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5 Lucy Prior
I have had the WORST spots and I never had bad skin. I tried strong antibiotics, changing everything up, stopped drinking milk, changed moisturisers. Nothing worked, I bought this and the drying lotion and they have literally ALL cleared up. I will definitely now ONLY buy from Mario Badescu. This deserves so much more praise!
5 Corina
This is amazing. I have found - not only does it work well at combatting oil and preventing little spots I.e conjested pores - but it works amazingly at covering big red spots. Put a bit of concealer over the affected area and then pat the powder on top using a small eyeshadow brush. Amazing and it stays all day and throughy my gym workouts! I don't use the puff, but find a normal brush is better.
4 Suzanne
I love this powder. I lightly dust it over my acne prone areas (e.g. neck and chin/ mouth area). The only complaint I have is that Mario Badescu really should put a sticker over the grate so that the loose powder isn't flying all over the place when you first open it. But other then that I looooove this.
5 Simone
Great for oily skin. Really recommend it. It smells kinda funny but totally worth it.
4 Pinky
It can get a bit dry and makes my skin flaky. It doesn't prevent acne from growing (maybe it's just my condition is severe). However, I still re-purchase it for it's drying up effectiveness on big pimples, those under your skin n it never comes out. I use my fingertip to dip a genuine amount and paste it on my pimples. it brings the pimple heads to the surface for easy removal
4 Kristine
I have a big issue with oily skin, and this powder worked perfectly for that matter. But the part 'reduces redness and irritation caused by breakouts', I did not notice.
5 Betina
Out of all the great products I've discovered, this is the one I love the most. Im heavily medicated and those pills makes me sweat really bad and just melt my makeup off. We can all agree thats embarrassing, I wanted to fix it. This product did just that. Ofcourse it doesnt stop you from sweating but it stops it from showing. I put a bit on before my i use my powder, and even though my case is a bit extreme, I still only have to use a tiny amount. I've used it over a year and I'm not half way through it. This product, and the brand for that matter is just so helpful..
5 Andrea
I have been using it for 2 years now and i am very happy with how it helps dry spots and calm irritated skin. And it lasts for a very long time too!
3 Rebecca
I feel like this product does a good job at controlling oil on my skin. I mixed some of this powder in with my regular finishing powder and I feel like it keeps my face matte all day. I haven't noticed a dramatic improvement in the size of my spots, but it definitely does help to dry them out.
5 Elizabeth
This powder is complete magic. You need only the tiniest, tiniest amount and it helps cover redness really well. it also gets rid of blemishes and imperfections. the powder makes my skin feel like silk and it keeps my skin very hydrated. will be buying another pot when this one is finished :) all in all- a VERY good buy!
5 Christine
This is a fantastic invisible mattifying powder for my oily skin and the effect really does last all day. It also helps to heal my blemishes and reduces redness effectively. Great product, one I wouldn't be without now.
4 jenny
I find this a useful product for those horrible painful under the skin spots, I just dab a bit of powder on the affected area for a day or two and it disappears like magic! I wouldn't recommend it for use on open spots though - it seems to make them scab and look worse.
5 Jade
I absolutely love this stuff! It's got to be one of the best mattifying powders I've found - keeps me oil-free all day long (which is definitely an achievement!). The green tint of the powder reduces any redness and I've seen a noticeable improvement in my skin too. It's a really versatile product that I can see lasting for a good while.

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