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5 12 September 2014 Elise
Great mask. It works wonders for my skin, leaving it looking more even and radiating. I have dark spots on my chin and they are slowly, but surely going away. It's also great on scars.
4 26 August 2014 amy
ive tried it twice now and it does slowly fade away my acne scars. im so deseprate for them to go so i have high hopes for this cream!
4 25 July 2014 Linnea Andersson
4 15 July 2014 Ninda
The mask does brighten my skin, but I haven't seen any reduction on my sun spots. However, I'm well aware that hyperpigmentation is difficult to rid. So, I think I'll try using it for a year before ditching it, if it doesn't work at all.
5 09 July 2014 THAIS
I have active acne and when I bought this mask was afraid that the product could worsen the profile, but the contrary. The product took the dead squid lightly clearing my skin and still has cleared the pores. Loved it!! It improves skin and even helps prevent new acne blemishes.
5 01 July 2014 Cansu
I normally dont write reviews But this one i have to say something This mask it amazing I have spotty skin with a lot of dark scars from the spots I bought this through recommendation And i was not dissapinted So many people said to me you look glowing Because of radiant skin, my make up applies smooth and radiant as well Couldnt be happier If you have scars and dark spots buy it U dont be dissaponted i know the pain honestly
5 30 November 2013 Anastasia
Thank you everyone for the reviews!!! I decided to try Mario Badescu because of them, and one week after my order got here, I am already in love with the whole lot, but the masks are... omg!!! I absolutely adore the feeling after the whitening mask and it is so gentle on my face that 3 times a week left me wanting more!!! And my makeup smoothes on so wonderfully afterwards, I have already had all my friends try it on too!!! Keep reviewing, girls!
5 30 September 2013 Juana
Lovely scent, and it dries very quickly although you do need to wait 20 minutes. I got several discolorations from sun exposure this summer and I do find that they fade a little bit. I use this mask once a week...
4 03 September 2013 Nancie
Can be a little hard to wash off and seems to leave this wax-y feeling residue on my face. Overall my face looks brighter. Will continue to use it for better results :)
5 27 August 2013 Amreena
Most masks leave you with an instant brightening effect which lasts a couple of hours and then the next day the difference is gone. I was really surprised to see that this mask is so different. When I washed my face after using it, I felt that the pores of my skin have become smaller and my face was a little brighter. I thought ok this is probably the most this mask can do for me but I was wrong. The next morning when I woke up that is when I saw the big difference. My skin tone was much better. The brown acne marks were lighter and large open pores were smaller. I have used this mask 3 times and every time this is improving my skin texture and tone. I am really glad I purchased this product and will definitely buy again. I read a couple of reviews about this mask before I purchased it, for some of the reviewers this product did not work. I personally think this product may not work so well on dry skin but will work wonders for someone with a combination/ oily skin.
5 04 July 2013 Saneela
Feel so relax after using it and it makes my skin so smooth
4 25 October 2012 Tanya
The smell of the mask is very nice which makes a difference when applying to your face. I would recommed this i have been using it for a few months and i love it.
5 25 June 2012 Georgia Kaloudi
Beautiful mask. i can deffinately see difference in my skin. Love it!
5 11 February 2012 Nancy
Love its smell. Now I have a half left. I can clearly see my skin more brighter and clearer.
5 05 August 2011 Iman
Leaves the skin smooth and fades away my marks. Has a smell to it too. Would buy this again.
5 13 July 2011 Baron Done
I'm not the kind of person that normally uses skin care products. However I recently had a bit of a bad skin episode and needed something to sort it out. This was recommended to me and it did exactly what it says. My skin was clearer, brighter and more evenly toned after the first use and got progressively better the longer I used it.
4 09 March 2011 Robyn
Tried this for the first time yesterday and i have to admit there is a difference in the redness of my face. I suffer from scarring of old spots and it has made my skin look very clear. Thank you x
5 09 March 2011 jennifer
I absolutley love this product after hearing about it in a beauty blog, if you have any doubts about buying it, dont! It makes your skin feel amazing after taking it off, it doesnt bring me out in spots and it does exactly what it says on the pot, my skin feels brighter and I definitely notice a difference in my scars! Its a must have
4 03 February 2011 natasha
See results after first use! only used this 3 times so far but can see marks fading slightly. Also keeps skin supple
5 05 August 2010 Caroline L
This product has worked wonders for me! I have blemish-prone skin with a quite a bit of sun damage. This product has been ideal in evening my skin tone. I use it after using MB's silver powder, then follow with MB healing cream to leave my skin looking and feeling clean and healthy.
4 17 January 2010 Lienke
I've been using this product for some time now. It's a clay mask with a peculiar smell. It really cleans your face and speeds up the whitening process a bit of spots. Lovely product.

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