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5 Eleanor Murray
Amazing and work but when I ran out I bought some cheaper msm tablets just to test if they work, they were and they work just as well
4 Rosie
I was skeptical if supplements really do anything at all, but I have actually seen a reduction of my acne scars and breakouts. My skin does feel plumped and healthier after 1 months use. I do recommend this to those with acne stressed skin. It actually works! Purchasing my second now.
5 Sophie
For women or men considering the above - I've been supplementing with msm for about 3 weeks now and have been really suprised. I suffer from acne rosacea and regularly take antibiotics during flare ups, which helps the spots, but my skin had progressed to a greasy, red, lacklustre mess. Before purchasing, I read many, many reviews on various sites - one stood out in that a lady mentioned they made her and her friend look 5 or more years younger (I laughed to myself) but I actually now agree, I caught sight of myself the other day and thought - could face yoga and msm actually be working? I just LOOK different, like my younger self. Even my husband remarked on how great my skin is and how beautiful I looked! I really do think it has stopped the oiliness and brought a youthful more even tone to my face. I'm 33 and beginning to really notice the aging process (it's terrifying) These have made a real difference to me.
5 Eva
My best beauty find ever! I'm on my second pot and I've already got rid of acne (I'm 27 and I've been suferring from acne since 13). It's amazing! I love it!
4 Beth
I have suffered with mild acne for over four years now and after taking these tablets twice daily my acne has really cleared up, it however has not completely cleared up even after taking the tablets for nearly four months. Would still recommend but for the price I would like them to have completely cleared my acne!
5 Laura
I've suffered with hormonal acne around my chin and jawline since I was 23 (I'm now 36). I've spent thousands over the years trying to find something to help me overcome the painful lumps under my skin that are impossible to shift, as they're so deep routed in layers of skin. Antibiotics did help but I didn't want to stay on them forever and battle the side affects that come with them. By chance, I was browsing Selfridges in London and came across these. Chatting to one of the team who represent the brand, I learnt that she had also has awful problems and had used these and found the results astonishing! Sceptical at first, I picked up a supply and in a matter of a week, I can see and feel the difference in my skin. Of course it's only been a small amount of time but this far but the results are looking very positive and I will continue to use these to see if they help in the long run.
5 Fiona
I am about 2 weeks into this supplement and it's really fantastic in helping to calm my breakouts and redness, especially around my chin. I take 2 tabs daily instead of 1 and was surprised to see the results so fast. Would definitely be ordering more.
5 Ruth
I bought these for the first time last November whilst staying at a Health Spa. The difference in my hair and nails has been amazing ,simply couldn't believe how great my nails have become. I have now finished the first supply and really wish to continue , hence my order.(Interestingly, one of the male masseurs at the Spa told me that he has used these for some time as he finds them so good)!

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