Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

$51.60 - $72.30
4.5 22 Reviews
Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser Zoom

Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

$51.60 - $72.30
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5 Alex
Pai Skincare has changed my life! I have extremely sensitive skin. That's my's not dryness, acne, oiliness, wrinkles, whatever. There are few products on the market that treat sensitive skin like its own unique category. My skin loves the Pai products. My skin is glowing and healthy, and not swollen or irritated.
2 LuluBr
Not particularly impressed. Very expensive for 100ml, it lasts around a month as it requires about 4 pumps for each use. The muslin cloth is too harsh for my delicate dry skin. I like the scent, the fact it can be used also to remove eye makeup and the air tight pump, but the price is far too high for the small amount of product contained in this product. The results are just OK, i found other organic products that are much better than this.
5 hannah
I have struggled with finding a cleanser that soothes my eczema prone skin without making it too oily. I have dry/combination skin type and this cleanser make my skin feel lovely. Smells gorgeous, feels lovely. The only thing is the price, but sometimes brilliant products that work are worth the extra money!
5 Alexa
Would highly recommend this product. It has vastly improved my acne rosacea. It feels wonderful to use as well.
4 Neha Dharmshaktu
As the name suggests, really really hydrating. Sample lasted me a month and a half. Could be little cheaper though.
5 Ada
Perfectly removes makeup. Included muslin cloth is great even for sensitive skin. It is calming and refreshing. Lovely smell. My skin loves it, so I will repurchase bigger version.
2 Amanda
I ordered a 100mL previously and I really loved it and proceeded to order the 200mL after I've used up the 100mL. I'm really disappointed with the 200mL purchase. The 100mL was a cream-like consistency however the 200mL was a milk-like consistency, it felt like they added water to the cream to dilute it to make it a 200mL. I felt really cheated and it's not making my money's worth. I would like an explaination from either your side or Pai's thank you.
5 Alra
The best cleanser as it is not as harsh as other products I've used before. It's very gentle yet very effective. It also smells immaculate! I feel reborn after using this.
5 Natalya
Great cleanser, does not dry the skin, removes make-up good, smells nice. Hypoallergenic. Leaves my skin so clean, soft and moisturised. Absolutely love it!
5 Laura
My favourite cleanser, it has an amazing smell and removes makeup and moisturises your skin so gently. Great for those who have sensitive skin. My skin has been so clear since using it. Definitely would recommend this.
5 Gloria
I love this cleanser. It leaves my skin soft and clean after use. At first I wonder whether all make up is removed and use a wipe afterwards, the make up is nicely removed with no residue! Eye make up is removed in one step only too! Will buy the big bottle next time...
5 Marv
I love this cleanser. It seems to do a thorough job, it smells divine and my skin feels soft and clean afterward. The aroma is comparable to indulging in a mini aromatherapy treatment, too. Love!
5 Nassim
As I was out of my favourite Emma Hardie Cleanser, which seems to be out of stock everywhere, I was in desperetae need for a new cleanser. I chose the Pai Cleanser and I like it as much as I love the Emma Hardie one. It is gentle and leaves my Skin clean, clear, fresh and does not dry it out!
5 Alma
Great cleanser, no stinging or tingling on my sensitive skin!
5 Maria
This cleanser is amazing! Removes makeup, cleanses and moisturises your skin all in one go. If takes off ALL of my eye makeup, including waterproof liner and there is no irritation or stinging. Perfect!
5 Cindy
Great cleanser for sensitive skin! No redness or itchiness whatsoever!! LOVE IT!!!
5 Laureen
This has the most beautiful aroma as you use it. It is great at cleansing too and leaves your skin soft and radiant. But the aroma is....WOW !!!
5 Eleonore Janvier
Definitely my favourite cleanser ever. Works wonder on my very sensitive skin and leaves it perfectly clean, radiant and plump! And smells delicious!
4 pippa
Very good!
5 Danielle
Love Love Love! Gentle but gives a really deep cleanser. I always use with a muslin cloth, which I think is key. Even removes my semi-permanent mascara!
5 Mimi
I have super sensitive eye area, which makes it a pain when the time comes to removing stubborn eye make-up. This is the first product 'ever' where the delicate eye area hadn't sting or got irritated. I tested this by washing off all my waterproof eye make-up. All came off... very pleased. And no panda eyes in the morning either because it removed all. WOW!
5 Albiana
Just got this product, and absolutely love it! My skin feels so fresh and soft after just the first use <3

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