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PAYOT Creme No2 Anti Redness Treatment Care 30ml

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PAYOT Creme No2 Anti Redness Treatment Care Zoom
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5 Therese
I have an extreme combination skin that lives its own life. It is oily, dry and extremely red and sensitive at the same time. I've never managed to keep it under control. I usually get very red spots, both during and after breakouts and it takes weeks before they disappear. I've used this treatment three times now, and it's like magic. My red spots are GONE! And it even calms down redness after any red spot wounds or scarring. It even claims to calm down sun burned skin, which I do not doubt and will definitely try in the summer. It is also very oily, so it takes care of my dry skin as well. However, I would not recommend using it as a daily moisturiser cream if you have oily skin tone (and it is a treatment, not a facial cream. It should only stay on for 30 mins). I usually put it on about 30 mins before bedtime and simply dry it off very gently. At first I thought it was a bit funny as it is very thick and oily, and I found that a bit funny as it reminded me of a cold cream (creams that are protective against minus degrees). But I will say this, if you struggle with any redness at all, buy this treatment. You will not regret it! My skin has transformed in a total of just 90 mins. How amazing is that? I've tried absolutely everything, but this one beats them all. My fave product.
5 Nareeporn
A perfect moisturiser for winter. It really combats dryness and neutralises redness. Immediately skin feels calm and nourished. I used it for my chilblain last winter and continue to use afterwards. Come this winter, it's my go-to nighttime moisturiser.

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