Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads 60Pieces

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Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads 60Pieces

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5 Amy
I have being using these pads for a couple of weeks now and I am really impressed! I use one all over my face after I have cleansed my face (before I go to bed). I do not apply any moisturiser on afterwards as I feel this product does its job better without it. I have 100% noticed an improvement in the feel and appearance of my acne scarring. Would recommend to anyway battling with acne and scarring!
5 Elizabeth
I use these pads to freshen up at lunchtime on a hot day and they really work to clean my skin, including blackheads. They are now a beauty kit essential for me!
5 Jo Lui
If you have black heads, acne or acne scars, this is the product for you. I held a pad over my problem area for about 1 minute or 2, the bump and redness noticably reduced! I'm still surprised by how fast it faded my hard, cystic acne, it was literally gone within a week while it usually takes a month to get rid of.
5 Juana
It's a good product for controlling the blackheads I think. And you could see that it removes the dirt from the pores even after you clean your face very carefully. I do find it not as effective after using it nonstop for a period of time, but it does work for me every time I return to it after some time.
5 Mel
Peter Thomas Roth has extremely become one of my favorite skincare lines that really great for my acne prone. I fell in love with the fast acting results. The Max Complexion Correction Pads does exactly what it promises. After a couple of days use, it revels new and fresh skin on my face. It brightens and clears my skin in just a couple of days using it. This is a great product! I cut the pad in half to save the pads, i dont need a whole pad for one use. These pads have helped clear my old acne scars and have evened out my skintone more. Will buy more and alaways use this product! Its a must have skin care !

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