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Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Peel Pads 60Pieces

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Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Peel Pads Zoom
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5 mia
my first time with PTR.. must say am loving it! will look into other products as well.
5 Karla
The best product ever use these after I've exfoliated my face with a normal scrub I'm using once daily at the moment I've been using them for three weeks and the difference is unreal my skin has never felt so good I look amazing will definitely be purchasing these again amazing product.
5 Valerie
die besten Peeling Pads ever- praktisch, effektiv und unschlagbar in der Wirkung- nie wieder ohne
5 Nikki
I've been using the pads for around two years with my 3rd tub. I'm using 2-3 times a week as I have dried skin. Maybe just twice a week during winter. I didn't see anything different until around 4th week of using. I woke up with amazing looking skin. After having the baby, my skin was at bad state as I couldn't stand any skincare during pregnancy and 1st year after that. The skin was dried, dull with noticeable wrinkles. So I looked for something that can fix my skin very fast. I'm glad that I found the peel pad using along with other normal skincare. Other un-wrinkle range they are quite too pricey for me. I might try when I turn 40. The pad mainly get rid of dead skin so you get the new skin as well as absorb other products better. The acne marks also faded quicker. I will put high SPF sunscreen after few days using. Normally I always use sunscreen anyway (SPF 30/50). I've preferred using the pad night time as let the skin rest after peel. My friends looked at my photos back then (lot photos with the baby) and said I looked younger now. I'm pleased with the result and always keep these peel pads to my skin routine.
5 Caroline Parry Jones
Not as stingy as some other brand glycolic pads I have tried, which at first I thought meant they weren't working, but after a few days I could really see the difference. They make my skin glow, no more flaky dry patches and they also really help keep down the hormonal breakouts at that time of the month. Excellent product (and service ordered late Thursday night they arrived on Saturday).
5 Becca
I used these in conjunction with the PM Retinol treatment and my skin has never been better. LOVE this product.
5 Evelyn Toynton
5 V.
After cleansing my face in the morning, I use one of these to exfoliate before applying make up. I use it every morning during the week but sometimes take a break from it on the weekend, and have been doing so for over three weeks now. I have to say I love this product and will definitely re-purchase when I run out. It smoothes my skin and gets rid of any scaly patches or dry skin. It's surprisingly gentle for a chemical peel, and my skin has become so much softer and more even without breaking out from it.

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