Priori Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser 180ml

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Priori Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser Zoom
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5 Tegan
This is such an amazing cleanser for my dry skin! My skins texture has improved so much since using it and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and not tight at all after use.
2 Abbi
This helps with softness of my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed. However, thus only works for a couple of days before my acne becomes worsened off then it was before I started using it, I also have a quite oily tzone which is a problem and this just didn't seem to help my skin at all in the long run.
5 Luke
I have really sensitive skin and most skin care products make my face go bright red and burn. This cleanser was my saviour. It gave a deep cleanse without any irritation at all. Would definitely recommend for all skin types.
5 Amy
Too good to be true, my face in rash plus dryness all disappeared after couple of times using Priori products. I can tell even the first time I put it on, my skin love it and I feel so great too. Also love Coffeeberry Day & Night complex , smell so wonderful. From now on Priori is my only skincare products, should have found it earlier!
5 Jan
I use it 2-3 times in a week rotating with other cleansers. It is extremely gentle but at the same time very effective. It makes my skin super soft and refines the texture. I bought mine 11 months ago and assume that I can go with it two more months. Excellent!
5 Helena
I've just recently discovered Priori cosmetics and it's AHA range respectively...oh boy, am I glad I did! if there is anything like the perfect skincare, this is as close as you'll ever get, my dear ladies! This cleansing gel is pure dream, it is super gentle, effective, smoothing, with hardly any fragrance to it. My face looks so much more fresh, the improvement on acne is noticable in two weeks. I never thought a cleanser can do so much. Highly reccommened! You won't be sorry.
5 Lilly
This cleanser was recommended to me at my skin clinic on Harley street, and I can not thank them enough for that. The constant day/night use of this cleanser has left me with a clean, soft skin. I have always suffered from breakouts and generally bad skin. This cleaner put a stop to it all. I can personally recommend this for dry skin and add that is does not dry or irritate sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wishes to have a clear complexion.
5 Khanittha
Best of the best cleanser. It give and make my skin feeling soft what is really good. When the skin is soft it make that we doesn't dragging too much on our skin while cleansing.
5 Katarina
The best cleanser I have tried! Love it.
5 Lisa
I recently got introduced to the priori range by my beautician and thought I'd try it out at home. I love the range I have seen a great different in my skin it less inflamed and my skin tone is even and not red and blotch! It leave my skin looking great :) thank beauty bay for the fast delivery and awesome service
3 Carly
I have only been using this product a short time. I use it morning and night. I find in the evening when I'm washing my makeup off I need to was it 2-3 times for it to get all my makeup off. I am going to continue with it though as I have noticed a slight improvement in my skin tone since using.
5 Anna
I use it every morning and evening. One pump is enough to lather my face which makes this cleanser last forever (or so it seems). It leaves my face feeling fresh and smooth. I have used it together with other products from this range for over a year now and I can see a big improvement in the appearance of my skin.

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