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RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream 70g

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5 Beatrice
Just got my RMS Raw Coconut Cream and I just love it! It feels cold, not creamy or oily as others brands I've been trying in the past. I applied it to remove my waterproof make-up, and I left it on my face before going to sleep. No marks on my pillow, yay! As a Make-Up Artist, for me is very important being always ready to change or just add new products in my kit. I bought only one to try in out on myself first, but soon I'll get a new one for my costumers. !!TIP: I suggest to use directly your fingers with circular motions to remove completely mascaras, it works the best
4 Elisheva
It is much better than regular coconut oil. It absorbs into the skin immediately and does not leave any oily residue. It also helped clear some acne I had. A very good product that is healthy too.
5 Krasimira
I use this product as a moisturiser more than a year (at day in combination with sun care cream 50+ SPF). I'm 64 years old and my skin is extremely dry. 3 years ago I had very bad experience with herpes zoster ophthalmicus and this was the only face product I can use without problems.
5 Daisy
THANK YOU, BEAUTYBAY! Seriously, I have been struggling to get this item since October! (I was even willing to pay extortionate taxes to get it from America!) I literally can't do without this gem. My skin is very dry, but I also struggle with stress-induced acne that just doesn't seem to go. Due to not being able to use conventional acne treatments (dry out my skin...) I tried this little pot of miracles, putting it on every evening and after just TWO DAYS my skin was clear! It was that clear and flawless, that I could wear just a tinted moisturiser out with no concealer; it works wonders for my skin. Yes, it's expensive for the amount you get, but I've tried loads of other brands and other coconut oil, none match up to RMS.
5 Jasmin
I hesitated long until I finally bought this coconut oil. And I'm so happy I gave in. You really can't compare it to the organic ones you can buy at the supermarket. The texture is so much lighter and it feels so luxurious. It removes make-up super easily and I also use it as a moisturiser. I used to have dry skin on the forehead - GONE. I'm really impressed. I also have acne prone skin, but it didn't cause breakouts or anything. I can not recommend this product enough.
5 Miranda Bardick
Love this!! I can trust in RMS that it is pure. I am such a green junky :) works great. Takes a few times to get used to. The only thing I wish It was in glass too.
1 Lulur
This is an example of how marketing can overhype a product that should cost a fourth of the price. I use food quality organic coconut oil to take off my make up at night and it works a treat. I gave this one a shot as I was curious. It works in exactly the same way as the one that you can buy at Whole Foods for a fraction of the price. True, it is less greasy, but does not justify the ridiculous price tag. RMS is very good for makeup but the skin care is just hyped marketing.
5 Katie
I've just ordered this product for the 3rd time - I'm absolutely obsessed! My skin type is oily, sensitive, prone to reactive/hormonal breakouts and I find this works really well for me. I use it every night to remove my makeup (a small bit rubbed all over my face and rinsed away with a warm, wet face cloth) and follow it up with a cream cleanser. Used this way I find it melts away my waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and really removes all the residue from my day. Love love love it! (FYI: used this way, I find a jar lasts 6-8 weeks for me.)
5 Meg
It's a great product! Effective as a make up remover, quite good as a cream too. With a small amount of product You can clean your face perfectly. It moisturizes skin. Tip of mine: use this product as a cream to your feet - it works very well there!
1 Pinky
It is really thick and almost impossible to rub evenly on face. It wouldn't melt in hands and unless I heat it up with hot water / wait for the shower steam but it takes a while. Also it feels difficult to wash away the oily texture.
5 Andrea
I absolutely love this product. I use this as a moisturiser at night. Unlike coconut oil you buy in the supermarket, this is non-greasy, absorbs super fast and well and isn't overly strong in fragrance. I find for me that it's great for keeping dry skin at bay and helps heal pimples and sores and minimises scaring. I also run it through wet hair before blow drying and straightening and it helps keep frizz and dry hair at bay. Great price too ... a little goes a really LONG way and a jar will last a good amount of time.
1 LK
I've tried this cream as a skin cream and make up remover. I would say it works well as a make up remover in the regard it removes make up well. However, after using it as a cream (for the face) my face broke out in pimples, massive! I continued using it just to see if it got better after a while since sometimes it can be a cleaning process for the skin when you try a new product. However, it just got worse. After I stopped using it, my face dramatically improved within a couple of days. Maybe for ppl with very very dry skin this might work? I have mixed skin (normal but oily t-zone, sometimes dry)
5 Therese
For anyone who wants to use coconut oil as a cleanser/moisturiser but find it too oily this is the product to try! It takes off makeup so easily, smells absolutely divine and a little goes a long way - all without the greasy feeling left behind by using 'regular' coconut oil. A 70g pot has lasted me over a month and I love that I'm using something with only one ingredient. I used this as the first step in a double cleanse.
5 marta
it?s perfect for removing make-up eyes! I have sensitive skin, and often, after cleaning the eyes, my skin was irritated with this product instead I have a deep cleansing and gentle.

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