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4 Lavina
Very good. The only lip balm that works for me.
5 Rachel
Love it! Expensive but you do get a lot. Slightly sticky (but personally I don't mind that). Ingredient deck is all-clean/good (I seached them all on Paula's Choice ingredient dictionary), and it has a pleasant scent that is not very strong (a plus for me). Lasts longer than many other balms. Pretty packaging. I got mine in a gift set with her lip scrub which is also LOVELY.
2 Ivana
I have got it as a part of box with lip shrub (that is excellent). The Lip Slip is awful..... smells terrible and it does nothing with my lips!
4 Britt
This is a must have for me. I only use it at night, as it is super thick and super sticky. Also the slight light pinkish white colour does not suit my pigmented lips - unless I only use a small amount, but I like the slippery feel of gloss on my lips, so I pile it on.As an overnight lip mask this is perfect - one of the few masks I can apply before sleep, and some will still be on in the morning, but so will the slight sparkle... Only on the outside of my lips as well. If they make this a clear product with no taste or better taste, this will be absolute perfection. So far it is still the best overnight lip mask, I have tried.I am on my third tub :)
5 hilal
This is honestly the BEST lip balm/gloss what ever you want to call it. I first discovered this 6 years ago and purchased a tub and since then I have gone through several tubes. It really does hydrate the lips. In 2014 I underwent the gastrectomy sleeve and at first I wasn't able to drink the same amount of water so I wasn't getting enough H20 in my body which left me with extremely dry and chapped lips in winter. I know that's standard in winter, however not where I live. And let me tell you ladies, nothing and I mean nothing repaired, hydrated and moisturised my lips like this lip slip. The texture is very smooth. It adds the perfect amount of shine and sparkle with a tiny amount of colour. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell. I would prefer it with no scent or if anything I love the vanilla scent used in MAC lip products. Overall this is a 5/5 product for me and I will continue to purchase Sara Happ's Lip Slip.
4 Siri Dobloug
1 Rad
Given all the reviews, I thought this product would be worthy of full marks but I was very wrong. For a start not one person has even commented on how tacky the formula is. I don't want my lip balm or lips to be sticky - thats why I don't wear lipgloss. It is also very uncomfortable to wear for long periods because of this. Secondly it is no different to any other lip balm out there as it is moisturing, but then so are many cheaper alternatives. The only reason I even see this lip balm costing £19 is purely for the gold packaging that can get thrown away and for the slight sparkle the product contains. Go spend your money on something else, this is not worth it!
5 Eleonora
Very good! It's really moisturizing and comfortable on the lips!
5 chiara
I thought this would be a lip balm like others, but I was wrong, it could be worn alone during the day (and it lasts a lot), as it is moisturing and gives little sparkle on lips, or worn under a lipstick. I recommend this product, better used after Sara Hupp lip scrub.
4 Mylène
It's a good overall product. The moisturizing of a balm and the color of a gloss. My only complain with it is the smell, a little like baby powder wich I don't enjoy at all.
5 Samanta
Fantastic !! I'm very happy I purchased it !! My lips now are more hydrated and smoother !! Higly recomand it !!
5 Grace P
I have always suffered from extremely dry lips and have tried so many different lip balms - this one works so well! I use once at night and once in the morning which keeps my lips nice and moisturized all day. Love the scent too, it smells so yummy! Has a nice shine almost like a lip gloss
5 Olga
Absolutely in love with this balm! Helps to destroy dryness of my lips and this winter I will use only this balm !!! perfect texture, smell but you shoul use your finger or lip brush to spread it over your lips..For me it is ok I use my finger!
5 Kellie-Anne
This is the BEST lip salve I have ever used. It hydrates lips beautifully and stays on for ages, without feeling sticky. Definitely recommend this product.
3 Sirius
I bought this product due to rave reviews from so called You Tube "gurus". I had high hopes, but honestly this product does not do anything more or different for me than Vaseline would. The product is all right, but would not purchase again as there are better products for this kind of money out there. Comes in a cute box, but would rather they spent the cost for wrapping it nicely on a better container. Not much luxe in a plastic jar that gets ugly looking quite quickly in your toilet bag. The lid on mine cracked only after a week carrying it around. I have really dry skin on my lips and had to re-apply often.
5 ???????
I like this balm, it look like a lip gloss.
4 PSaar
Good formula and doesn't dry out lips. I use it overnight. The packaging however could be nicer (plastic container could be a bit more luxe).
5 Laurie
Absolutely love the Lip Scrub and Lip Slip. Excited to try the luxe gloss...
5 Ana
A hidden treasure! It is very moisturizing and it tastes great.
5 Sara
This product is truly amazing, i highly recommend it!

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