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3 sanna
Smells horrible, just disgusting. I literally have to hold my breath when I use this. Works okay, but the smell stills in my face for like hour.
5 Sofya
I bought a 30 ml item and when it arrived I immediately regretted! I should have ordered a bigger bottle for sure! It works just great. I use it after cleansing and my skin never felt better! Blemishes reduced on the second day of use and skin is no more dry and, what is most important, doesn't feel tightened.
5 Emily
Such a simple product which is really friendly to sensitive skin. It's really nice to know exactly what I'm putting on my face- all the ingredients are listed clearly on the front of the bottle. My skin is much more balanced and clear since I started using this toner, and the folks behind SW Basics have also mentioned that applying it frequently can clear up a breakout within 24 hours! I definitely find it speeds things up. If you're worried about the price you could always stock up during offer periods but I think it's worth it regardless! In my experience each full size bottle should last you around 3 months of daily use. Whats more they look great out on display and make wonderful gifts too (No need to worry about skin sensitivities!)- even better, Adina Grigore (the wonderful woman behind the brand) has written a book called skin cleanse, which includes some DIY fresh skincare recipes so you can even reuse the empty jars and bottles when you're done. If you're thinking about trying this or any other product from S.W. Basics, go for it, you won't regret it!
5 carlin
I got the trial set which included the cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye makeup remover. This brand is AMAZING for my sensitive but oily skin. I have some redness and used to get little blocked pores on my forehead and blackheads around my nose area. Since using this product my skin has balanced out really well. My redness has improved and the blocked pores have gone. I think I react to chemicals and soaping agents used in most brands. The only thing I would say is the moisturizer is too heavy for my face, so I use another sensitive skin chemical free brand for that step. I really hope Beautybay keeps stocking this brand!!

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