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Talika Eyebrow Lipocils 10ml

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Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Zoom
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5 Rita
I was sceptical about this product at first but I thought I'd give it a try anyways. At first I didn't see much result but after 3 months of using it daily I really started to notice the difference. This product really works but you must be consistent and patient to see results.
5 Maria
This is just amazing, helps grow back your eyebrows in no time.. My hairs are longer, thicker and darker so I would definitely recommend this! :)
5 Daniel
I love this product, soon to finish my first one and I've seen amazing results already.Can wait for my new order to arrive.It really works, I've tried many different things, but never really worked. With talika i seen results quickly. Just awesome!
4 Paul
It does lengthen the brows obviously and thicken the size of each brow a little bit. BUT it does not increase the number of brows. So, the overall look is 20% darker. It takes at least 2 months to see result.
5 Fia
Oh my god..! It really works! I've tried some other products before, but nothing helped, so I thought I would give Talika a chance. And I'm really glad that I did! It showed results after a couple of weeks, and now I don't have to paint my eyebrows anymore! I love it!
5 Christie Huynh
I must say, talika products work like a charm. Although the progress of this was slower than expected... I have seen my eyebrows getting thicker and nicer. Good choice I have made!
5 Rose
I have been using this for almost a month now and I have noticed a huge difference. My eyebrows grow back thicker and longer than before. Definitely recommend this product
5 Thivi
I've have used this for 2 months and i could diffidently see a progress. My eyebrows have grown and they are much thicker now thanks to Talika! I have thick hair in the middle of my brow, but very thin and few hair on the ends. I always had to draw them ud, but now i don't have to anymore! They seem thicker and more defined. this really works! Just remember to apply it morning before u put makeup on and in the nights before sleeping. Love it!
3 Lin
I have been using this for nearly 2 months now - and I really hoped this would make the ends of my eyebrows nice and lush. Unfortunately I haven't really noticed any difference despite applying this religiously morning and night. I do like that this is made of natural ingredients and it has not caused any bad reactions.
5 laura lekaviciute
hi,,I've been using this product for a 6 days and i can se the rezults it`s amazing!! i love it i`m definitely recommend this product..
5 Veronika
I've been using this product not even for a month now and it's amazing! My eyebrows grow quicker and they are more thicker as well. So I would definitely recommend this!
4 Tanya
I've been using this for about a month now and it works.It wasn't as good as what I have expected but it helped my eyebrows grow faster and hairs are darker and thicker.
5 eleni
i cannot praise this enough. over the years i've over plucked my eyebrows and ruined the line. i bought this as a last resort and i am so glad i did. i've been using it now for a couple of weeks and the difference is amazing. the line is starting to grow back in really well and the other hairs are much better condition than they have ever been. i love it.

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