Talika Lipocils Expert 10ml

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Talika Lipocils Expert 10ml

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5 Diana Roads
It's working! My eyelashes became longer, thicker after using for two weeks. One 10 ml tube for 6 month of using! Perfect! Will keep purchasing it and recommend it for everyone.
5 Lily
This product is amazing! I've used it mostly everyday and my lashes have grown thicker and stronger. My lashes got slightly longer and the applicator makes it very easy to get to the roots of the lashes!
4 Elena
There's definitely a difference in lash department! Definitely will keep on using, but sometimes it gets to the eyes and stings pretty badly.
4 Kelly
Longer -yes, darker-not yet but still hoping! Been using about a month. Definitely want to keep using.
5 Stephanie
I definately could see my eyelashes get darker and stronger and my lashes got longer. I ordered more of this for backup. I love it. I will keep purchasing it.
5 Veronika C
Great product. Eyelashes dont break, dont fall out, top lash line is fuller and longer. Definitely everyone should give this product a try.
5 Eleanor Grace
I love this - it's been a revelation for my stumpy eyelashes. Amazing product and better than any other eyelash growth product I've used. I apply morning and night and saw a difference in around two weeks.
5 April
Love it! I apply a very thick coat every morning and night...and i already see a difference after a week!!! I say, be generous with your application!
3 dee
I do curl and mascara my eyelashes everyday. Since then, my eyelashes become sparse and thin. My lashes are quite long. I apply this product primarily to protect my lashes. And it does work. My lashes fall out less. But I don't think it grows the existing lashes. the thing is you need to apply it twice per day for 28 days at least, and I sometimes forget. this might be the reason why my lashes didn't grow longer. my suggestion is if you are expecting to grow longer, apply on your one eye first for 28 days to see the difference. and in case you would forget to apply, put it in your purse, so that you can use it when you are on your way to/back from work.
5 Lin
This is amazing stuff. So much cheaper than other products out there but it really does deliver. I have noticed my eyelashes fall out less since using this because I curl them everyday. My top lashline is fuller and my eyelashes longer. My bottom lash line still has a bit to go but I believe it will get there!!
5 Ellie
Fantastic product and worth the money. Eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.
5 Rayda
Love love love this! I am always cautious of eye treatments and eye makeup since I had vision correction surgery last year, and I've had great success with this product. Gorgeous lashes that don't even need mascara to stand out, and no irritation on newly sensitive eyes.
5 Carlyn Cole
Brilliant product!!!! i first brought this while on the plane going on holiday once i ran out i ordered the expert one from here and it has been brilliant. My lashes no longer just fall out, there nice and full, thick and longer! once mascara is on my eyes look great. My lower lashes use to be tiny they are now nice and long too.
5 sue
next day delivery.This is amazing gel it really does work my eye lashes look fab I used it years ago thought it was discontinued so glad i found it again.I think all women should try it
5 Birgit Schwærter
The product really does what it promise. I would not live without it. You have to try it.
5 gillberrie
Magic gel....absolutly fantastic, length, curl and colour all vastly improved in less than 3wks
4 Leah Xiang Li
Great product! my eyelash is stronger /darker

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