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Talika Lipocils Eyelash Treatment Gel

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5 Aleks
Day one, after a 6 week wait (only let down). Goes on easy, very light and feels like I have noting on my eye lashes. Hope this works for growth & thickness.
5 Benny
Probably about 50% of my eyelashes were damaged/had fallen out after I took out my individual eyelash extensions. I haven't even finished my first bottle yet & I've been using it religiously for 2 whole months. So incredibly happy with it & I've already stocked up for when it eventually does run out. The eyelashes not only grew back but grew longer & stronger than ever. So happy to have found this product!
5 Jo
I love the Talika treatments, this is my second one. But I have to say I like the Lipocils Expert better. It's more expensive but the applicator is much nicer, especially for applying to the bottom lashes.
5 Larysa
It works well!
4 KC
It doesn't make lashes grow longer. However, it does condition them so they fall out less - and thus look more luscious. That's the benefit for me. A bit too expensive.
5 Rita Shavit
I have been using the lipocils for just over a month and have definitely seen a difference - my lashes are definitely thicker and longer and it seems to have even filled in the spaces where some of the lashes were missing. I have already ordered another one.
5 Anna
I was definitely a little bit sceptical about this product but It actually worked! The results were almost instant I could see it within in 2 days , my eyelashes are longer, fuller and stronger. I can even see new tiny lashes starting to grow!! When I wear mascara now my eyelashes look longer as well! I would definitely recommend this product and I will be re-buying it when I'm all out.
5 Sarah
I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and can really see a difference in my lashes. The look longer and fuller and I have noticed that my mascara goes on a lot better as well. Definitely recommend xoxo
It's really work! My lashes are perfect now. Thanks,!
5 Allison
Love this stuff, I have tried various serums but this product is miles ahead, my lash are long and thick.
4 Customer
4 Mariana Moyano
Makes my eyes itch
5 Nicolette Whittle
1 Jennifer
This made my eyelashes longer the first month, but it dried out in the tube fast so i had to buy a new one. I've been using this for about 3 months now, and i can only say this - my eyelashes looked better before. Now they are fewer, i have bald gaps and they are thinner and clumpier. It's really awful. I'm still using it though, to see if my eyelashes have fallen out because new better ones are going to come up. The only thing i've noticed is they they are longer and darker, but they are crocked and thin and i don't like them. They do not even look good with mascara now, so i'm regreting buying this. One month more i will use thing, then i will stop and let my normal lashes grow back hopefully. I wish this is better than this, my eyelashes were already full and long, i just wanted them longer and blacker. My bad. Will not be buying again.
4 Jane
I was a devout generic Latisse user for several years until i decided to substitute for Talika. I suffered from typical side effects of the generic Latisse- Lumigan- (dark circles, redness, lethargic eyes, etc) and have been searching for the next best alternative. Been using Talika for 2.5 wks now and satisfied with the results with significant eyelash growth. Although Lumigan provides more dramatic changes and faster results, I'm more than happy to opt for Talika as completely eradicates the risk of any side effects. Another differentiating factor is the curliness of my eyelashes which Lumigan failed to deliver- worth the investment!
5 Saya
Amazing product. It really does help your eyelashes appear longer and thicker. Furthermore, this product can be applied under your mascara and it is not irritating to the eyes.
5 Taciana Melo Pereira
This product is amazing! I loved it. I use it under my usual mascara and the lashes do look longer immediately. And I have only used it for two days.
5 claudia.
great product, nourishes eyelashes, and strengthens the length. Seem even more voluminous ... great for me! ottimo prodotto, nutre le ciglia, le fortifica e le allunga.sembrano anche piu voluminose...eccezionale per me!!!
5 Kully
I had bought this after using very expensive eye lash creams - which irritated my eyes, This stuff is a wonder product. I used two sets and never mind me notice which I dont notice these things on myself - but all my work colleagues ask if i wear fake eye lashes at work....all I used was this stuff and my usual mascara afterwards. It really is amazing...and safe for sensitive eyes!
5 Christie Huynh
Up to my second bottle and almost a third! My eyelashes have grown so much, it's so nice in the morning now before I shower, it curls itself! One of the best purchases I have made, saw a sign of improvement after a week or so, it first just made my eyelashes thicker, but slowly and gradually made them longer!' THIS IS A MUST GET.
5 Qi Hui
I used to have long lashes before wearing spectacles. They used to be sweeping the lens(not sure if it works on people with gentically short lashes). Before finishing the first tube, my lashes got longer and fuller. The new lashes that grew was also thicker. Lashes are also growing near the inner corner. It's like having thin coat of mascara on 24/7. LOVES!!
5 Annette Bullock
I have been using this product for 2 weeks and am starting to see an improvement already. I have tried other products but this certainly seems superior. It is very easy to apply and does not cause any irritation. I am hopeful that after 28 days I will see a marked increase in lash length & thickness.
5 Carmen
Wow - not even two weeks and I have normal looking, black eyelashes as opposed to my very poor, thin excuse before. Have tried a similar product for triple the price and didn't get the results I'm getting now! I really like this... Can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks :)
5 miu
I'm using my 2nd tube now. The result is not obvious as the 1st tube, but my eyelashes remain stronger and thicker when I keep applying everyday. Good product!
1 Alison Rawsthorne
I used this religiously twice a day and can't say I've noticed a difference. I won't buy any more.
5 Lorna
It seems expensive but have gone through 3 tubes now and will continue to use it. I lost a few eyelashes when I removed some semi-permanent ones a bit too forcefully and Lipocils helped to get them back! My eyelashes are more plentiful now, not enough for me to stop wearing mascara but with mascara they are much more dramatic.
5 jess
wow! what a god send, i did av a few gaps with no eye lashes. But within 6 days they started to grow back quick.
5 Erzsébet Kovács
8 day use and see the results, it is super

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