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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 75ml

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5 Bernadeta Petkute
Amazing product!
2 Susan Small
Lovely smell, but unfortunately did absolutely nothing to help me sleep better. I have persevered and used two bottles, one of which was a gift, but sadly, it didn't work for me. Very good service from this works.
5 Hayley
A lovely relaxing scent which helps me with anxiety.
5 florence
I've been using this stuff for a few years, after a sample was left on my pillow at a hotel. It's truly amazing!!! My partner struggled to sleep for a few months after a stressful time, he tried various natural tablets and sleep inducing products which really didn't make much difference. He tried this for a few nights and had the best quality sleep he had had in months. I use whenever we are particularly stressed or having difficulty sleeping and it NEVER fails. I cannot recommend this enough. I have now purchased for my insomniac family member and it's also made a huge difference for them. If you're debating on it, just take the plunge, you won't regret it and you'll forget how you lived without it before.
5 Joy
Damn right this works. Used it for the first time last night on my boyfriend's pillow. He usually has a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting enough sleep, but here he is snoring his head off next to me.
5 Maddy
I wasn't too crazy about the smell however this completely knocked me out its such an amazing product i wasn't expecting it to be so good
5 Kate
Amazing, I had a birthday present of this product, and believe that it works for me. Would recommend it to any one, having problems with sleep.I have just gone on line and order another 2
5 Amy
I have been using this spray for a month. The scent is extremely calming & spa like. It doesn't last as long as I like (I cannot smell the scent in the sheets in the morning), but it is wonderful! Would recommend to my friends who need help falling asleep.
4 Kristiane
This is pure indulgence. I don't think it does work but it is a lovely scent to lie down and relax with.
4 Qi Hua Lim
This smells good and did help me to sleep better, but the smell did not linger as long as I would like it to. Recommend to those who have sleep problems.
5 Rachel
This is now a bedtime ritual.
5 Adriana Cesnich
5 julie
I have been using this for 7 nights now and each night has been very peaceful with much more sleep than before. The smell is pleasant but not strong. Far more effective than herbal teas and herbal tablets for sleep.
2 Julie Taylor
Bit disappointed after reading the reviews doesn't work as well as expected
3 Runa
I really wanted this to work, but unfortunately it did not. It has a pleasant and relaxing smell, but it did not help me fall asleep.
5 Louise
I sceptical about the effectiveness of a spray to help you sleep, but was prompted to try this by the other 5 star reviews; I'm so glad I did! After too many nights of waking in the early hours and being unable to get back to sleep I used Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and enjoyed a full nights sleep! However unlikely it may seem this really does work!
5 Julie Hinde
I had this pillow spray in a this works gift set from a friend...OMG I have the best night sleep when I use this, dont know how it works but it does!
5 Jill
Im ELATED to leave this review!! As a CHRONIC INSOMNIAC for the past 14 years who has spent 1000s on every potion, lotion, bed, pillows, Hollistic therapies; you name it, I've bought it. Whilst surfing the net at 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, I randomly happened upon a discussion thread on regarding this product 'DEEP SLEEP PILLOW SPRAY' and am SOOOO glad I did!!! I ordered immediately from BEAUTYBAY (having found this site via Bing and being the least expensive by far). I selected next day delivery (fantastic service by the way - very impressed and will def use again) and cannot believe that I am still trying to wake up from the DEEPEST 7 HOUR SLEEP! I feel like I have just climbed Mount Everest and I'm flying the flag for THIS WORKS DEEP SLEEP PILLOW SPRAY today! I'm hoping to enjoy more of the same again tonight!!!! Hope you have the same experience :) THIS WORKS ~ SURE DID!!
5 Wendy
I really believe this spray works. Ever since I started using it about 2 months ago I have a lot less problems with sleeping. I can feel how it relaxes me when I smell the scent of this spray. I'll be repurchasing this for sure.
5 Franca
I love this product, I'm onto bottle number two, not only do I use this at bedtime, but also recently traveling long haul I spray onto my chair on the plane to help me relax and fall asleep.

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