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Urban Decay Lush Lash System 4.2ml

4.5 11 Reviews
Urban Decay Lush Lash System Zoom
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5 Jacqui
Another voice to add to the shout THIS WORKS!! After using it for a month, my lashes are noticably longer, and are a little thicker. I'm hoping the effects continue - I'll definitely be buying this again.
5 Yohanna
Love this product! When using it, my lashes have a longer 'lifespan' and therefore grows longer before they (inevitably) will fall out (which happens to all hair follicles on your body). They also seem a lot stronger as they don't fall out as much when using a lash curler in the morning or rubbing my eyes at the end of a long day.
3 Siri
So, after a time of addiction to Ardell falsies, my lashes started looking - well, less healthy, so I decided to give this stuff a go. As for lash health, I do believe it was restored with the use of this, but when it comes to fullness and length this did nothing for me. That being said, I do think it will work for some people, I'm just not one of them.
4 Azhar
Good product! My eyelashes are 30% longer (after using it for 2 months). I continue using the conditioning mask which is great =)
4 Veronica
Haven't used it long or regularly enough to notice much difference lengthwise, but my lashes are in much better condition than before. Also, it doesn't hurt my sensitive eyes.
5 Gab
This stuff really works! I put it on both my eyebrows and lashes and have seen new growth. My lashes are longer, thicker and stronger; which is exactly what I need as I curl my every day. Notice the difference when I run out of the stuff too.
5 Rachel
I love this! I have used up one full tube and my lashes are huge. I reordered because I am so happy with the results. It starts working really fast and doesnt sting my really sensitive eyes.
4 Florentyna
I like this product because it takes great care of my lashes. My lashes have gotten longer since I started using it, but not by the percentages on the package. Still, it's noticeable. Furthermore I have less lashes falling out because of this product, keeping my lashes fuller.
5 hayley
i absolutely love this! urban decay is one of my most favourite brands and it has not disappointed me yet! it made my lashes alot longer in under 3 weeks i highly recommend this to anyone who wants longer lashes and more defined :)!
5 Martine
This is absolutely fantastic! I've been using it for two weeks now (not everyday) and my lashes has become thicker and longer. ::) I would highly recommend this for any lady out there wanting to boost their natural lashes. it's worth every penny :)
5 Sarah
I was worried that this would be a gimmick but it seriously works!! It genuinely has made my eyelashes grow much longer and they feel much healthier plus they don't fall out as much. I have repurchased this and probably will do again!

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