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Yes To Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

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5 Emily
Got 10 of these as a sample and honestly are the best wipes I only use half a wipe to remove my makeup fully. Smell so good as well and soothing on my skin.
1 Elina
My skin is not sensitive what so ever, but for some reason this really irritated my skin.
2 Donna
Read much about this product for sensitive skin so I decided to give it a try. Was so excited when I received this in my mailbox. Love the smell how moisturising it feels on my skin whilst I'm removing my makeup. However, my skin is just much more overly sensitive! After using this towelettes on my entire face, I realised red patches all over my face! To be honest, I was really disappointed as I thought my skin worked well with this. I didn't feel any tingling sensation or itch when using though. It was only after my shower that I realised. Note that I didn't change my facial wash or soap that I've been using. However, I really still love the smell of this wipes.
5 Ashley
the wipes feel so refreshing on the skin, great for removing face makeup but it stings around my eyes area!
5 Abbie
Amazing product, I've had acne for a couple if years now and tried everything.. these wipes combined with the Yes To tomatoe face wash and Yes To carrot night cream have completely cleared my skin and left my skin feeling clean, refreshed and given me a huge confidence boost. Highly recommend the yes too products!!
4 Fiona
They seem like good face wipes and do remove makeup but I learnt the hard way to not use them around the eye area! It made them really sting! I have very sensitive skin around my eyes though so I'm sure this didn't help but just be aware. Other than that, they're a nice size and very damp unlike a lot of the other facial wipes out there.
4 Helena
Super soft, and one is enough when taking of my makeup and cleaning my face. Because they are huge and very streatchy - It leaves my skin feeling pampered... Only downside is that it can irratet my eyes sometimes.. But would def. recomend these.
4 Jennalea
I have been using these after washing my makeup off to get off all the stubborn traces, as well as a general 'refresher' wipe during the day when I'm not wearing makeup. Yummy cucumber scent and has been gentle on my skin so far!
5 Marilyn
I've tried several skin cleansers and this is the best one so far. My skin feels clean, fresh and it smells so good too! A sure favourite!
5 Christin
Absolutely love this.... Use one before washing the rest of my daily makeup off... It's perfect!!!!
5 Deb
Love the smell and love the way my skin feels afterwards. It's really fresh and removes my makeup better than any product I've ever used. The towelettes are huge so one is more than enough to remove every single bit of makeup, oil and dirt.
5 Reidun Mølmen
I love these! My skin gets incredibly clean, and it doesn't dry out the skin. Makes skin-cleaning SO quick and simple. Recommended!
5 Paula
I have sensitive skin and I like this very much!!!
4 Karlijn
Very refreshing. Doesn't really remove waterproof make-up, so I use this after I use my waterproof remover. With these towelettes I remove the oily residue and clean the rest of my face so I can go to sleep feeling clean and fresh!
5 Jacinta
I love these face and definitely recommend them to someone looking for cheap but effective wipes! It's gentle on the skin and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh. They're such good value for the price!!
1 Ellen
i was quite dissapointed in these.. when i removed my makeup it left a burning and drying feeling. it was very uncomfortable. i don't have partiqularly sensitive skin but for some reason it hurt. it has been quite a while since i tried them maybe i will give it another chance. love the smell though.
5 Shannon
These are great. They are not tested on animals either! Great smell and leaves skin very soft.
5 Jenny
Love this one. nice fresh cucumber scent, leave your skin clean, fresh and hydrated, what else do you need?I would highly recommend to get one of these especially for travelling, they are so handy.I would also recommend to store this one upside down to get most of the product
5 Jane Morse
Love these, I use them before my yoga class to take of my makeup and my skin feels so clean and fresh. No residue means that when I get hot I don't have to worry about it clogging up my pores when I sweat.
4 camille
i loved it!!! smell, effectiveness, i like it all. it makes my oily skin really soft. it is not too pricey either.
4 Priscilla
love these! I've gone through about 6 packets already. They are so soft and remove my make up really well. I'm left with a clean and fresh face. At the beginning it made my skin feel clean and hydrated but towards the end of using the packet I felt a stinging sensation around my eyes and cheeks. I sometimes still get it but other than that GREAT PRODUCT.

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