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Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel 30ml

3.5 9 Reviews
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5 Binh
It's a great product. After applying it, I can feel my eyes skin softer and smoother. It helps my eyes look more radiant. Very good purchase indeed. And I especially love your shipping procedure, really pleasing!!! ^^
4 Dallas
I like it, it's very soothing and feels nice and moisturising on the eyes, however I didn't notice as large an affect as I would have liked. Definitely helped reduce some puffiness though and it's a nice calming gel for morning and night.
5 Vanessa Santos
4 Thao
I have really bad dark circles under my eyes and it's not because I need sleep it's just there all the time, so I was looking for a cream which could reduce it because make up cannot hide it completely. I've used this product some times now and I can already see that my puffiness and darkness has reduced a bit. Not as much as I've hoped for, but maybe that's because I just started using it.
1 Celine
Cannot really recommend this eye gel. It's nice and cooling when you put it on. However, when you put on your daily make-up/powder etc. after using the eye gel, it mixes with you products and gets flaky. It's quite a pain to get rid of all those flakes, unless you would like to look like someone who has never moisturized or exfoliated in their life. Sorry, but I am not going to buy it again. :(
5 Christina
A very refreshing eye gel; most probably due to the cucumbers. It does its job, especially considering the price and size. I would say it's perfect for people in their early 20s, who don't have wrinkles just yet. Also, it's perfect if you have sensitive under eyes. I'm going to keep on using it for both morning and evening for now!
1 Catherine
Sorry to say, but this product failed on me. I have extremly sensitive skin all over and on top of that i have alot of allergies. And i have a hard time finding products that works for me. My biggest issues is that alot of products contain Citric acid, and i think this is where this brand failes on me, i'm allergic to citric acid.
4 Mona
Absolutely a good eye cream compared to the amount and price! Usually eye creams are 15ml, this is 30. In addition, it is half the price (at least!!) of the other eye creams I've tried. The gel is very light and have a refreshing feeling around the eyes.the only 'minus' is that the gel may make it hard to put on eye makeup; it has a tendency to leave a residue that will get 'flaky' (in lack of other words) when you rub your skin around the eye! A little irritating, but horrible irritating. Maybe not hydrating enough for the worst dehydrated eyeskin-types, but for normal but sensitive skin, this one is great!
4 Elisa
This is the first eye product I can use because of my sensitive skin. I've tried other products before but my eyes were always watery and feel like burning. This product is really lightweight and you really need a small amount so it lasts for a very long time. The only problem is that it takes a lot to absorb and if you have to do your make up liquids will pack onto the gel. I'm going to purchase this product again because of its sensitivity. (Sorry for the language but I'm Italian!!!)

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