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Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser 90ml

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Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser Zoom
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5 Olamide
This cleanser does exactly what it say it will do! After using it my skin truly does look and feel balanced. After just 1-2 washes, my skin was less angry as the cleanser calmed down my inflamed acne and even faded as few dark acne scars! I found the smell unpleasant at first which made me question how natural the product truly is, but I had to get over it because of the results I was seeing. A few months later this cleanser still gives me the same feel as when I first used it!
5 Anastasiya
love this cleanser! leaves skin clean, even toned and soft! it leaves very pleasant feeling: not squeaky clean and not overly moisturized, just somewhere in between, clean and soft)) And it soothed my allergy that gave me previous cleanser! I get allergies almost to everything but not to this! and I'm breaking out less! It does what it tells! totally must have for me! oh, the smell! it's weird...and too strong! my clarisonic brush head now smells like it. Smell stay on your face for like 10 min after washing then leave( maybe I just stop noticing it). I didn't like smell at first but now i don't mind it! Gel a little bit hard to foam and to wash away from the face, it takes a bit more rinse sessions than SLS cleansers, but after I saw results( look and feeling of my skin) all cons went to background! love this product!

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