10 Ways To Be An L.A. Girl

 With her perfectly tousled sun-bleached hair, enviable stash of swimwear, the ability to wear cut-off denim shorts all year round, and a seemingly endless rotation of sunglasses, the LA girl’s native style is influenced by the city’s sun-soaked bohemian vibes.


You’ve got your LA box, here are all the other Cali girl necessities.

1.       Disposable water bottles are so last decade. The L.A. girl keeps her BKR to hand as a fast and efficient means of hydration, wherever she is. Aside from the eye-catching colour range and sleek, user-friendly design, the glass and silicone design means that water is kept chilled for hours, even in the L.A. heat.


2.       How to cheat limbs like Halle Berry? Leg strobing (it’s a thing). Glide on This Works Perfect Legs Sculpt & Shine for a believable kissed-by-the-Cali-sun sheen. The weightless formula diffuses light, leaving limbs radiant, healthy, and subtly shimmering.

thisworks perfect legs sculpt shine

3.       L.A. is miles ahead in the supplement game – in fact, you’ll find cult skinfood supplements like Danielle de Winter’s Skinergie capsules in every L.A. girls medicine cabinet. The 28-day treatment boosts skin’s antioxidant levels, providing protection from free radicals from within.

danielle de winter skinergie smooth redensify

4.       Surfer-girl hair is easier to achieve than you think. Try spritzing Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist through 80% dry hair for laid-back LA-style curls, zero effort required. For hard-to-curl hair, use Babyliss Pro Titanium Curling Tongs to add volume and definition to random sections of hair, curling in alternate directions for a beachy effect.

5.       Go all American with Paddywax Sea Salt & Surf Candle, an enticing seawater fragrance that pays homage to palm trees, surfers, and the Pacific Coast Highway. You might not be a West Coast girl, but your home will definitely smell the part.

6.       Provoking major Insta-envy with her snaps of brown legs on white sand beaches against a golden sunset, the LA girl has no time for hit-and-miss gradual tans. Maui Babe’s Amazing After Browning Lotion deepens skin colour whilst healing sun damaged skin with a nourishing vitamin blend.

maui babe amazing after browning lotion

7.       LA girls are smart and savvy when it comes to skincare, and with so much sun-exposure on the cards, wearing SPF is more than just a summer-only habit. Designed for year-round use, Supergoop’s City Sunscreen Serum creates a broad-spectrum sun barrier whilst perfectly priming skin for makeup application.

supergoop city sunscreen serum

8.       LA life will no doubt find you indulging in a multitude of sun-drenched revelries – and sea-soaked, pool-dipped, beach-baked lengths require just as much after-sun damage control as skin does. We love Vita Liberata Passionflower Argan Dry Oil Face & Body Spray – specifically designed to rehydrate and nourish skin and hair after sun exposure.

vita liberata neroli argan milk

9.       Warm florals are the go-to scent on the West Coast. Conjuring up thoughts of an afternoon of sun-soaking on a sandy beach, Clean Sunkissed Skin Summer Splash Fragrance (an evocative blend of vanilla, amber, and lotus blossom) smells just like your skin after a day in the sun.

clean sun kissed sine

10.   For LA girls, when it comes to summer every detail counts, and bright sunny days call for bold and beautiful nails.

Punchy and playful, Essie California Coral instantly makes tanned skin appear lives-on-the-beach bronze. 

essie california coral