15 ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Ideas

We love liner, lashes, and full coverage as much as the next (and probably a little more), but sometimes we’re just in the mood for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Think glossy skin, brushed up brows, a little blush action, maybe a lip balm and not much else. 

We’ve done some digging and found the best bare-faced-but-better looks, that will enhance your natural glow and have everyone believing that you really did just wake up like this.


No makeup makeup starts with a good base. @belle_envie you have a glow to die for.


Healthy looking natural skin is the new full coverage. Pair with a peachy pink lip like @leahbaines_mua and you’re good to go.


We are obsessed with the fluffy brow trend, still. @emjmua_did you actually wake up like this?


A subtle contour goes a long way, @hollybroomhall has nailed the bare-faced look, and those brows. We’re obsessed.


Faux freckles + glass like skin= a dreamy combo. @bridal_by_becky we love your take on no makeup makeup.


Bushy brows? Check. Dewy skin? Check. Faux freckles? Check. @leahbaines_mua is ticking all the boxes.


We love this dreamy natural look from @makeupby_angelicareneee. Don’t hide your natural features with makeup, enhance them.


@michellewicklandt is showing us that you don’t have to skip the eyeshadow in a no makeup makeup look. This subtle smoky look is natural but still glam.


@paulinebriscoe is serving I woke up like this vibes, with a touch of pink of course. 


If you search no makeup makeup on google, we’re pretty sure that @rebecca_mrx will be first on the list. We’re obsessed with this dewy, rosy skin look.


Switch out your full coverage glam for a polished effortless glow like @zoralyn_. It’s you but on a good day.


We can only dream of skin like @christine_oftherose’s. This dreamy glossy vibe is perfect for a no makeup makeup look.


Serving SPF glow is @miamibeautyvice. You’re never going to want to go back to full coverage again. 


Serving your-skin-but-better vibes is @redbossbeauty. We’re obsessed with this glow and must replicate immediately.


@rwennekes is showing us how a little can go a long way. All you need is a little brush of the brows, a light wash of foundation and a hint of blush.

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