8 New Year Beauty Resolutions To Make In 2020

There is no better time to overhaul your bad habits than the new year. No, the new decade. We’re just going to say it: new year, new habits. But, 2020 isn’t just about throwing out old mascaras and promising to visit the hairdresser more, it’s the year of overhauling your bad beauty habits for the better. 

Read below for eight resolutions from the BEAUTY BAY staff that they won’t have quit by February. 

Be More Sustainable

I read a really good quote about how being ‘imperfectly sustainable’ is still SO much better than not trying at all. I think it’s a really good message because all anyone can really do is try their best! I think it’s easy to be put off being zero waste or using less plastic because you might feel like a failure if you don’t succeed. 

In 2020 I’m going to aim to work towards creating less waste that will be sent to landfill and put more thought into the products I’m buying. One of my favourite sustainable brands is UpCircle Beauty. They repurpose coffee beans left over from cafes in London to make their products, which smell amazing and make my skin feel super fresh.

Alex, Marketing Executive 

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Ashamedly I admit that I am really bad at remembering to clean my makeup brushes (gross, I know). So, my resolution for 2020 is to get into a better routine of cleaning them. It’s a task I find so boring, so I have picked up a bottle of the Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner because I’ve heard that it dries almost instantly meaning less time scrubbing them in the bathroom sink and more time eating!

Chloe, Affiliates Executive 

Wear More Colour

I am in a beauty rut. I am in a deep pit of brown and yellow despair. I feel comfort in knowing that I can slap something on in five minutes and be out the door. But really, where’s the fun in being safe and comfortable with makeup? My new year’s resolution will be to actually USE the bright, amazing, quirky palettes I have purchased but only open to look at. 

I will be popping open a palette and popping open a colour wheel on Google! January is the time to make a scene… uhhh I mean statement. Contrasting colours will be big this year on the eyes and the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Palette has all the yellows, blues, purples, pinks and greens I need! Everything I need to mix it up in the New Year.

Paul, Customer Service Advisor 

Use More Technology in Your Skincare

Although the saying goes ‘New Year New Me’, I try to make myself more realistic resolutions come January 1st; something that I know I can and will achieve. In regard to skincare, I have always been basic with the products that I use and the way I use them. 

That’s why, for my 2020 New Year’s resolution, I am going to use more boujee tech in my skincare routine, specifically a Foreo LUNA 2 Facial Cleansing Brush. While my fingertips have worked with me so far, I feel a deeper clean is necessary, especially living in a polluted city. The different silicone touch points help a lot if you have either oily patches or dry patches as you can control the level of cleansing. Exactly what your skin needs!

Sophie, Product Assistant 

Take Better Care of Your Hair

2020 is the year of long, luscious locks for me. You can hold me to that one! I’ve really let my hair down (not in the good sense) last year and it was feelin’ the strain come December. This year I vow to give my hair as much TLC as I give my skin, and believe me, that’s a lot. My first stop is the Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask, I’ve heard nothing but amaaaazing things about this baby since we launched a few months ago and tbh I’m jealous of everyone banging on about how silky and hydrated their hair is from using it – I want a piece of the action!

Rochelle, Marketing Assistant

Follow More Trends

My new year’s resolution for 2020 is definitely to try more trends that are a bit more out there! Metallic and glitter eyes already seem to be getting popular for 2020 so I’m going to start with the BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow. For someone who’s scared of colour and even more scared of getting messy glitter everywhere, these will help so much as you get pigment and glitter in one swipe! So quick and easy for a lazy girl like me!

Sarah, Product Development Executive  

Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

I hate to admit I have always been quite lazy with removing my makeup especially as I have such a busy lifestyle. I find myself reaching for a facewipe on a daily basis which I know is not only bad for my skin but also the environment. Therefore, my New Year’s beauty resolution is to cut them out completely. I have recently started using the Neighbourhood Botanicals Face Off Oil to Milk Facial Cleanser which melts away my makeup so easily ready to start my skincare routine. It also smells amazing and looks great on my shelf! I promise I’m going to cut out facewipes completely! 

Ellen, Senior Marketing Executive  

Get Better Sleep

If there is one thing that has defined my year, it’s bad sleep and I refuse to let the same happen in 2020. A bad night’s sleep doesn’t just make me cranky; it makes me eat more; it makes my bags worse; it makes me forgetful and pushes my to-do list behind. 

I know the value of a good, old beauty sleep, it’s practically a free retinol, but I’m bad at sticking to a strict bedtime and falling asleep. The quality and the quantity of my 2019 sleep experience has been poor. But, I’m about to introduce BeYou’s Sleep Pillow Mist into my night-time routine, and if it lives up to its recommendations, I know 2020 is going to be a great year for naps and a full eight hours. 

Olivia, Content Assistant