6 ‘Super’ Ingredients Trending In 2020

Whether it’s experimenting with acids or slathering snail cream on our faces, we’ll try (almost) anything in the pursuit of clear skin – which is why we’re always clued up on the latest trending ingredients in the beauty world. Deemed the new ‘super ingredients’ – thanks to their high concentrations of active ingredients – these heavy-hitters promise to work harder and faster than anything you’re used to. 

From cica to ginseng, scroll down to get clued up on 2020’s beauty buzzwords to know. 


We first heard about bakuchiol last spring, but it’s taken almost a year for it to filter from an insider beauty secret into the latest skincare launches. Hailed as a natural alternative to retinol, the ingredient claims to have all the same benefits without the negative side effects. That means no redness, dryness, flaky skin, or sensitivity.

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Emu Apple

Sourced from a plant found on the southern coast of Australia, these tiny berries have ten times more antioxidants than blueberries and contain moisturising natural waxes that provide intensive skin nourishment. The result? Skin feels hydrated, has major glow, and is protected against free radical cell damage caused by pollution. 

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Often confused with probiotics (the good bacteria that live on skin and help to ensure that skin has a good barrier function), prebiotics are the actually a food source for probiotics. By feeding and increasing the amount of ‘good bacteria’, prebiotics strengthen the skin barrier to improve moisture retention and prevent damage and irritation from external aggressors like bacteria and pollution. 

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We’re all familiar with AHAs and BHAs – the OG chemical exfoliants. But PHAs are the new kid on the block offering a gentler alternative – perfect for sensitive skin or those new to using acids in their skincare. Like AHAs, they break down the ‘glue’ that binds dead skin cells to the skin’s surface and speed up cell turnover, helping to fade pigmentation, reduce blemishes, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

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A K-beauty favourite, cica is an amazing ingredient for treating damaged and inflamed skin. Packed with amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, it has the ability to kickstart the skin’s healing process, calming inflammation and irritation in order to soothe and repair skin, reduce the appearance of breakouts, and decrease skin sensitivity. 

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Another ingredient that plays a starring role in many of our Korean skincare faves, ginseng is often credited with being the original ‘superfood ingredient’. Why? Because it delivers multiple antioxidants and vitamins to the skin, providing an instant energy boost. Research has shown that it can benefit everything from dehydration to rough texture, uneven skin tone, excess oil, and cell damage. 

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