We Predict These Will Be The Biggest Beauty Trends In 2023

We finally made it to 2023, which means it’s the perfect time to give our skincare shelves and makeup bags a major mix up. New year, new you? Searches for brown lipstick, scalp care, and skin barrier products have all increased in the past few months, which is a certain sign that they’re set to trend in 2023. Elsewhere, expect to see even more ‘clean girl’ beauty trends (it’s not going anywhere) and a whole new take on nail art. These are the top trends we predict will be big news in 2023. 

1. Targeted haircare

2022 saw a whole host of new haircare trends and product launches, but the ‘skin-ification’ of haircare is set to continue into 2023. From scalp scrubs to hair serums, by the end of the year, you can expect to have a haircare routine that rivals your skincare routine. 

2. Skincare tech

Go for a professional facial and you can guarantee it will incorporate some form of innovative technology, but your everyday skincare routine is about to get the same treatment. From LED masks to microcurrent devices, skincare tech is the ultimate routine upgrade. 

3. Brown-toned makeup

Thanks to the recent resurgence of love for Clinique’s classic brown-toned lipstick, Black Honey, brown-toned makeup is set to be one of 2023’s biggest makeup trends. Swapping out your old-school black mascara and eyeliner for brown ones instead is an easy way to jump on this trend. 

4. Glowing skin

Glowing is always in, but a new rendition is taking off. Rather than using makeup to give skin a faux glow, 2023’s spin (unsurprisingly) sees skincare take over. Of course, it makes total sense, because a real glow (fueled by hydrating and brightening ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) is always going to be better than a fake one. 

5. Multidimensional nails

Chrome and metallic nails were big in 2022 but in 2023 nail art is set to become multidimensional, with techniques becoming far more experimental. Your new year manicure will be all about texture. 

6. Skin barrier support

You’d probably never heard of the skin barrier until recently, but it’s trending for a reason. After years of overdoing it with acids and retinoids, our skin is in serious need of some TLC. In 2023 we’re going to hear a lot more about how to restore your skin barrier and reduce skin sensitivity. Start stocking your routine with ceramide-rich serums and creams and nourishing face oils. 

7. Indie sleaze

Grungy makeup has emerged as an alternate trend to the ‘clean girl’ look, and in 2023 it’s giving a nostalgic Tumblr-inspired aesthetic. Think smudged eyeliner, clumpy mascara, and messy hair. 

8. Graphic eyeliner

Graphic liner isn’t exactly a new trend (call it the Euphoria effect), but it’s set to well and truly enter the mainstream in 2023. The fact that there are now hundreds of different coloured liners and ultra-thin liner brushes available means that it’s now easier than ever to recreate the bright graphic liner looks you’ve been saving on TikTok. 

9. Tweakments

As professional beauty treatments like Botox and dermal filler become more mainstream, we’re set to see a new wave of skincare products inspired by the effects that these treatments achieve. From ‘Botox in a bottle’ serums to lip plumping treatments, these products offer up a more affordable and accessible alternative to expensive tweakments.