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Your 30’s Hair Heroes

By Grace Day, 18th April 2016

Your thirties tends to be the best time to adapt your hair to your routine and choose a style that will suit both your face-shape and your lifestyle; if your mornings are manic then a low-maintenance choppy bob will be more appropriate than a sleek, voluminous blow-out that requires daily maintenance.  Tap into trends without being a slave to them and reassess your favourite looks (any excuse to wile away hours on Pinterest) before taking them to your stylist to help in finding what works for you. Ensuring your cut works with your natural texture, will equate to constantly having to iron out wavy locks, giving you easy styling options that can be boosted when time isn’t of the essence. 



With your experimental twenties behind you, now’s the time to find yourself a great colourist and an intuitive hair-cutter rather than risk it with cheap cut-and-dye jobs. To maintain your perfect cut and colour, it’s also worth investing in good quality and luxury  invest your time and money in a great colourist and an intuitive hair-cutter rather than risk it with cheap cut-and-dye jobs.  Using the same products on a regular basis causes buildup, so switch up your in-shower lineup to prevent greasy hair. Invest in a clarifying shampoo and deep-conditioner in order to maintain healthy locks and indulge your hair on a consistent basis, a haircare reboot if you will. Start your wash with Joico’s Clarifying Shampoo, which removes the build-up left behind after frequent product use, or by the minerals in your tap water. Ideal for frequent swimmers, those who live in areas with hard water, or anyone who considers themselves a little too liberal with their styling products, the creamy shampoo performs an incredibly deep cleanse, restoring balance to the scalp, and leaving hair prepped and primed for a treatment conditioner. We adore Grown Alchemist’s Damask Rose Chamomile & Lavender Stem Conditioner; a complex blend of natural botanicals proven in their ability to enhance shine, restore strength and softness, and improve manageability of hair. 

Joico’s Clarifying Shampoo >


Cheap at-home dye-jobs are a thing of the past – so whether you want to consult with a colour specialist or fancy dipping into the new generation of DIY colour systems, your thirties are the prime time to give your colour a lift; either way, coloured hair requires an arsenal of products that will maintain shine and prevent colour from fading. Sun exposure allows UVA rays to change hair’s colour, whilst UVB radiation causes protein loss (leading to damaged hair shafts). Our favourite failsafe duo come from brand-of-the-moment Sachajuan, who advise prepping hair in the morning with Hair In The Sun, which deposits a weightless veil of UV filters to provide a shield against the damaging effects of the sun. By night, coat hair in Hair After The Sun to replenish lost moisture and nutrients and restore a high-shine effect.