5 Drag Beauty Tips You Need In Your Routine

If there’s anyone who knows the key to bold, flawless, long-lasting makeup, it’s drag queens… Strobed, draped, contoured, glammed to the max, and up against harsh lighting, dancing, singing, sweltering heat, long hours – any drag queen will tell you that it takes some serious (and inventive) skills to keep that face intact..

1. Use makeup wipes to create sharp, precise lines

It’s impossible to nail a straight line on first attempt, no matter how good you are at makeup. To sharpen winged liner, graphic eyeshadow, or a strong contour, simply swipe a wipe along the straight sides in a single movement. The one time face wipes are appropriate to use…

2. Improve makeup longevity by pressing setting powder into your skin

After applying foundation and concealer, set makeup with translucent powder using a large fluffy powder brush to create a smooth, diffused effect. Then coat a powder puff in a little more powder and press it carefully onto your skin, focussing on areas where makeup creases easily. 

3. Elongate your eye by extending eyeliner beyond your tear duct

This trick works whether you’re creating a full extended cat-eye or simply adding a little liner for definition. When tracing the lashline, extend the liner past the inner corner of the eye towards the bridge of the nose. This serves to elongate and feminise the eyes, adding instant drama.

4. Blend foundation over your lips to create a base that helps lipstick to adhere

When applying foundation and concealer, pat the excess over your lips and lip line. This will create a base that not only helps lipstick to last longer but also means it will stay true to the colour in the bullet. Plus, by creating a blank canvas the same colour as your base makeup, you can use lipliner to make lips look larger. Alternatively, use a nude liquid lipstick.

5. Leave the ends of your false eyelash strips free of glue to make them flutter

Use eyelash glue to anchor your false eyelashes from the inner corner to the centre of your lashlines, but avoid applying glue from above the centre of the iris through to the outer corners. This is just enough to keep them intact, and by letting the ends flutter free creates a lifted, elongated effect.