5 Ways To Fake Facetuned Skin IRL

It is 2017 and we’re all well aware of FaceTune, the app that infamously allows you to fake perfect skin – erase blemishes and creases, blur lines, chisel bone structure, and light skin from within with a candlelit glow.

But let’s not forget makeup, the IRL alternative and OG face enhancer that allows you to smooth, sculpt, and brighten outside of your phone screen – and basically means that you’re selfie-ready 24/7. All you need is the right products and a few easily learned techniques, and voila – smooth, poreless skin, no filter required.


The Smooth tool lets you erase pores and lines in one fell swoop. Sound too good to be true? A blurring primer is the next best thing. Part primer, part illuminator, Illamasqua Matte Veil does just that – it contains light refracting particles and pearl pigments that brighten dull skin and diffuse the appearance of imperfections, acting like an airbrush. Despite being appearing pale, the pink formula blends in effortlessly, leaving behind an iridescent golden glow that gives skin a blurred, more even finish.


FaceTune gives us the ability to sculpt a slimmer face and chisel a narrower nose or more defined cheekbones by enhancing subtle highlights and contours. The easiest way to sculpt your face IRL is with bronzer, highlighter, and blusher, and SOSU By Suzanne Jackson The Sunset Trio gives you all the sculpting shades you need. To recreate the Reshape effect, dust the shade Ballerina in a ‘3’ shape from temple to cheekbone to chin to darken and exaggerate contours, then lighten the high points and centre of your face with Gilded Honey. This will create a contrast that enhances contours and adds a warm spotlight effect. Finally add a touch of colour to the apples of the cheeks using Peach Glow that makes skin look healthy and radiant


If you have blemishes, it’s best to colour correct them than to mask them in layers of concealer. Offset redness with Cover FX’s Green Correct Stick, which allows you to spot-treat using the basic principles of colour correction – green cancels out and neutralises red. With a fine-tipped brush, dab it onto visible blemishes or marks, then blur the edges out with your fingertip before applying foundation. The result is an even, unified tone with imperfections and discolouration completely washed out.

cover fx correct stick green


Just as there are major #facetunefails, foundation can easily be overdone as well. Be strategic and concentrate foundation in areas that need it, blending it out from the centre of the face, focussing on areas where you need it rather than laying down a full coat. This is all about perfecting, not masking. Lightweight, powder formulas work well to avoid looking like you’ve got a mask over your skin, and can be applied in small amounts and build it up in layers to increase coverage. Milani Mineral Compact Make Up mimics almost-airbrushed skin whilst concealing imperfections and giving skin a dewy finish.


Colour is important, but texture is everything. A good powder is the difference between a dry, cakey looking complexion and one that seemingly glows from within. To recreate that flattering filter light, all you need is a quick dusting of RCMA’s No Colour Powder to give your face an IRL soft-focus finish – sweep it over your foundation to enhance and create a polished airbrush quality that makes everything look soft, bright, and blown out.

rcma no colour powder