6 Products That BEAUTY BAY Staff Were Obsessed With This Month

One of the best things about working in BEAUTY BAY HQ (aside from donuts on birthdays and staff discount, of course) is that there are always samples of products making their way around the office to be tried and tested for the BEAUTY BAY seal of approval. This month we’ve tried a groundbreaking brush cleaner, exfoliating pads for acne, and more – read on for the full haul… 

“I have a few big eyeshadow palettes at home that I love (cc: the dreamy Colour Theory Identity) but I wanted something with my core shades in it that I could slot into my makeup bag for days that I get ready at the gym or when travelling. I’m not great at blending so shimmers work really well for me as they don’t stand out as much as mattes and it’s not as obvious if my eyes are a little uneven sometimes (every day). I use every single shade in my Revolution Essential Shimmers palette. The lighter shades and golds are great for work and the darker browns can be used to add definition and depth for evening looks, and there’s pretty much no fallout which makes for speedy/lazy application. The palette is also vegan and cruelty-free – winner!” 

Alex, Social Media Assistant

“This brush cleaner is the best thing ever. No joke. I’m someone who really tries to clean my brushes every two weeks and I’ve now realised how much time I’ve wasted on foaming brush cleaners/baby shampoo/home remedies. I recently found the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner, and I’m never looking back. The best thing about this is you don’t have to wait 24 hours (or sometimes longer) for your brushes to dry, which is one of the reasons I used to put off cleaning them! This brush cleaner couldn’t be easier to use – pour the solution into the tin, dip your brushes and wipe them clean. And you can literally use them straight away because they dry instantly. I know it sounds too good to be true, but I promise it’s not! (Top tip: Cinema Secrets brush cleaner + my fave, Beautyblender = life changing).” 

Sarah, Events & Experiential Marketing Exec

“For the last couple of weeks I have been using Lowengrip The Cream Facial Cream and so far I’m so impressed. I have combination skin which has been slightly dehydrated recently. On a slow afternoon, I stumbled across Grace’s article about changing up your skincare routine as we enter autumn.  The article mentions how skin may be dehydrated at this time of year and look a bit dull with a tip being to use a thicker moisturiser. I’d not heard of Lowengrip before, but with it being new to BEAUTY BAY, I thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t sure whether it would do any good for me, but it smells amazing and makes my skin feels lovely and smooth. The price put me off at first, but a little goes a long way so I don’t think I will need to repurchase for a while!” 

Harriot, Software Developer

“These are my new go-tos on hormonal skin days. Once a month (without fail) I’ll get a nasty batch of cystic spots – you know the ones that you can feel brewing under the surface of your skin for days and after they’ve erupted, leave a red mark behind that lasts forever? Well, Tula’s Skin Reviving Treatment Pads are the best thing I’ve found for treating those kinds of flare-ups – no matter what stage they’re at. The gently textured pads use a combination of AHAs, BHAs, and probiotics to prevent future breakouts, stop new ones from breaking through, reduce inflammation in existing ones, and even fade the pigmentation left behind from old ones. Instead of suffering with my breakouts for over a week, my skin is clear and smooth in a couple of days.” 

Grace, Beauty Editor

“I was a little wary of using a face oil as I have oily skin, but from all the hype I’ve been hearing about the SOSU Luxury Elixir Oil I just had to give it a go! Plus, after a little research it turns out that oil is good for oily skin – to say I am shook is an understatement! It’s infused with 24K Gold amd has this gorgeous lemongrass scent. I’ve used in a few different ways – as a prime, mixed in with foundation, and of course on its own. I liked it in all cases, although by far my favourite way was on its own on no make-up days, as part of my skincare routine. It absorbed really nicely and left me with a dewy glow. The only semi-negative thing I’d say is that a little goes a long way so if you use too much it’s a little too oily – although, I suppose that’s also a positive in that you’ll only need a little so it’s more bang for your buck.” 

Emma, Account Manager