We Put The Internet’s #1 Highlighter Palette To The Test

Finding the perfect highlighter is as much a challenge of modern life as finding the love of your life on Tinder – it takes time and practice so sift through the cakey, the flaky, the far too sparkly, and the certainly-not-sparkly-enough, not to mention 562843682 different textures (cream? Liquid? Powder?) and colours (pink tint or blue??).

Fortunately, Anastasia Beverly Hills (the highlighting pros as far as we’re concerned) are on hand to up your highlighting game – which may well have an indirect effect upon your dating success (Mantra: If he doesn’t appreciate your highlight, he’s not worth the second date). According to the Internet, the Sun Dipped Glow Kit is your 4-in-1 answer to radiant skin (we’ve also spotted Instagram stars using it to do double-duty as an eyeshadow palette). Warm shades, finely milled powder, a hint of shimmer – not to be confused with glitter – and above all an intense pigment that creates a durable sheen.

The four shades allow you to build depth, draw light, and create your own artwork based on your highlighting intention – are you feeling ‘sunkissed bronze goddess’ today, or more ‘ice queen pearly glow’? There are no wrong answers. It’s instant freshness in the flick of a brush, delivering brighter eyes, lifted cheekbones, and an overall healthy complexion.

Bronzed – You know that glow that appears on your face when you’re on holiday somewhere hot and clear-skied and the sunset hits you just right? This shade exists to recreate that. For a hint of golden warmth, this copper toned bronze can’t beat – dust it on your cheekbones (or all over if you’re feeling fancy) for a low-key summer radiance.

Summer – Champagne toned with a white gold finish, this is the token strobing shade for when you need to carve out killer cheekbones – Instagram makeup artist style. Tap it onto the high points of your face when you want people to know that your highlighter is really there, or spritz your brush with water before dipping it into the pan for a blinding pass-me-my-sunglasses strobe. No contour required.

Moonstone – Peach shades like this one are for more than just cheeks – this one also multitasks as an all-over highlighter – dip in a big kabuki brush and dust it across your face for a Disney-style happily-ever-after-glow. The pearlescent finish works well with all skin tones and stays put all day, and when concentrated on cheeks, gives them a healthy sheen.

Tourmaline – A warm taupe with a rose gold finish that gives skin a glazed-donut lacquer-like finish, this is perfect for detailed adornment – use it to catch and reflect light in the sweet spots (brow bone, tear duct, Cupid’s bow). Alternatively, build it up to brighten cheekbones for a J.Lo-esque shimmer fest.

anastasia beverly hills glow kit sun dipped palette