Alpha-H Liquid Gold or Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose?

There’s a very high chance that you’ve already used (and love) Alpha-H’s bestselling Liquid Gold – when it launched 17 years ago it completely revolutionised the way we exfoliate – replacing abrasive, irritating scrubs with liquid chemical exfoliants. They both basically do the same thing, but chemical exfoliants have the added bonus of being that little bit more gentle – the grainy texture of a scrub can easily tear and damage skin.

In the years since, Liquid Gold has quite literally become the gold standard of exfoliators, earning its rep for its ability to diminish wrinkles, sun damage, and pigmentation, brighten and revitalise dull skin, and treat both existing acne breakouts and acne scars.

Yep, it’s pretty much a miracle worker, no matter what your age/skin type/skin concern. Its ability to do so is based upon a powerful (5%!) concentration of glycolic acid – an ingredient derived from fruit acids which basically works by breaking down the surface layer of dead skin cells (the layer which shows damage and looks dull), and allowing for brighter new skin cells to glow through.

Alpha-H gets it however, that sometimes skin needs something even more gentle – which was the inspiration behind their decision to head back to the labs and formulate version two (a remix, if you like), Liquid Gold Rose.

As the name suggests, this limited edition version is boosted with rose extracts (alongside orchid and lotus) to hydrate and soften the skin, alongside the original’s hardcore exfoliating effects. 

On top of the OG formula (licorice extract to even skintone and silk proteins to aid repair), the extras are worth noting…

Rose is a good all-rounder in the skincare world – hydrating and soothing with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that cool and balance skin (it also makes everything smell incredible).

In addition, the lotus and orchid help to calm inflammation and redness, while algae and mineral extracts fortify skin, and hyaluronic acid improves moisture retention. 

Liquid Gold Rose is a welcome addition to the world of chemical exfoliation if you have especially dry or sensitive skin, but because there’s no diluting involved, it’s every bit as effective as the original.

First time users will experience a slight tingle because there is an immediate exfoliation process – you won’t believe the grime this will lift from your skin, and the glow it leaves behind. The best of both worlds, in one bottle.