We’re Obsessed With… The Unicorn Candy Body Butter

Lavender. Rose. Vanilla. Literally-too vanilla. I was getting sick of slathering the same old scents on with my body butter, so when Asani’s body butters arrived at BEAUTY BAY, I couldn’t have been happier.

Suddenly, Peach Sorbet! Blue Raspberry! Mango Pineapple! These scents were more like moments rather than a bland afterthought. Peach Sorbet is like an influencer in a jar. A white apartment, a yoga routine, a stroll on the beach. Mango Pineapple is like a cocktail. A girl’s holiday. A knockout new dress. But Unicorn Candy and Blue Raspberry are top tier, for me. They capture my childhood. They’re a slushie, a water fight, getting flying saucers from the corner shop.

I love anything different, unexpected, particularly in my beauty products. It’s an opportunity to spice up your normal routine. For a start, the jars are refreshingly massive and a little goes a long way. These will last you ages.

I unscrewed the top off my Unicorn Candy jar, and it was craziness, 80s colours, and that sweetshop scent. These aren’t your mum’s body butters. You only need a tiny amount; I use around a 5p size for half a limb. The next standout was the texture: silky, almost foamy, like buttercream. It melts into a luxurious oil that you work into your skin.

There wasn’t anything I disliked. I smelt amazing afterwards, like my skin was made of sherbet (cue lots of sweet-toothed co-workers gasping about how nice you smell!) The packaging is sturdy too, a thick glass jar that I accidently dropped on the tiles, and it didn’t even crack. 

I think its best quality (apart from being completely vegan!) was how it made my tattoos glow. It’s like the formula leaves a slightly pearlescent finish. So yes, I am truly obsessed with my glittering unicorn dreams. Now I just need the body scrub too…

By Clare Briscoe