Aurelia’s Probiotic Miracle Balm Is A Skincare Must Have

When I’m having a bad skin day, the warning signs tend to be either breakouts or dryness and a dull-looking complexion. Breakouts are easy enough to target with a clay-based clarifying mask, but dry, dull skin can be a tougher one to tackle. The key is a combination of exfoliation and hydration – it can be harder than you’d think to get the balance right, but Aurelia’s Probiotic Refine & Polish Miracle Balm is a product that does just that. 

Unlike most face masks, this is no one-trick pony. It’s marketed with a dual-functionality – mask and exfoliant – thanks to the enzyme-based formula, so can be used for a quick exfoliating cleanse or left on for longer (as I prefer) for the ingredients to do their thing. The formula is packed with skincare notables – glycerin, antioxidants, omegas, probiotics, and of course, the hero ingredient, enzymes. 

If you’re not familiar with enzymes, here’s a quick primer… Enzymes work by breaking down the proteins that bond dead skin cells together in the upper layers of the skin. As these dead skin cells are sloughed away, skin will feel smoother and softer, and look brighter and clearer. For those with sensitive skin, enzymes can be a gentler alternative to using acids or a physical scrub, but they should still only be used in your routine once every two to three days, which makes introducing them in the form of a mask the perfect solution. 

Firstly, I typically dislike balm masks because of the sticky texture – I mean how am I supposed to mind my four-month old puppy, make a Zoom call, and cook dinner when my hair is stuck to my face and there are chunks of papaya enzyme sliding down my face? I realise this sounds dramatic, but we’ve all been there – balm masks are the clear lip glosses of the skincare world. As it happens, this mask isn’t sticky and it doesn’t fall off – in fact, when I first used it, I completely forgot it was even on my face.  

After letting the mask sit for 30 minutes (it recommends 15-20, but like I say, I forgot I was wearing it), I rinsed it off with warm water – it emulsifies into a milk during this process so even removal feels super gentle. It left my skin feeling clean, nourished, and best of all, there was no tight, stripped feeling. 

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder face mask to make your skin look and feel a little more ‘alive’, this one is worth a try – no matter what your skin type. It’s the perfect skin treatment when you want to see results, without suffering from any unpleasant side effects.