Meet The Tanning Brand That Aussie Girls Swear By

As a beauty editor there’s nothing more exciting than unearthing a new brand obsession, especially when said brand obsession it one no one else had heard of – this side of the globe at least. In Australia however, it’s a different story – according to my Aussie sources, the brand in question is making major waves Down Under… 

Born out of the struggle its founders had trying to find a no-nasties tan infused with skincare benefits, Australian Glow is just that – all-natural, cruelty-free products made with active, hydrating ingredients that improve skin health as well as giving good glow. 

Want the tea? Keep scrolling. 

One Hour Express Self-Tanning Mousse Dark

Everyone knows that the key to making a tan last and look good is in keeping skin well-hydrated. But what if you can’t be bothered with the continuous moisturiser top-ups? This mousse has a formula so hydrating, that maintenance isn’t a word you’ll need in your vocabulary. I can’t stop raving about the fast high-quality results, flattering natural colour, and super-natural fade that means my pale complexion is boosted for days. Plus, it’s also worth mentioning, both this and the Extra Dark version are refillable! 

Gradual Tanning Lotion

For those times when you don’t want (or have time) to do a full-on tanning session, but still want to look a little sunkissed… this one is super easy because it applies like a body moisturiser and you don’t need to wash it off. What’s more, it’s packed full of organic hemp seed oil to provide a powerful hydration hit while giving you a natural (and buildable) glow. Expect a generous hit of colour on first application, and a full-on tan by day three. 

Tan Removal Mousse

I dare anyone not to be impressed by this hardworking (and fast-acting) fake tan eraser – yep, that’s right, tan removal products exist. Granted, I was skeptical at first (it normally takes a loofah, a coffee scrub, and some extreme elbow grease to get patchy tan off my skin), but within ten minutes my skepticism (and my tan) was non-existent. All you need to do is massage the mousse into your skin, let it absorb, then hop in the shower and rinse it off.