These Are The Biggest Hair Trends for Autumn 2021

The autumn months are synonymous with fresh starts. With September being the official month back to school month, even five years after leaving, the cooler months always give us the urge to overhaul our look, and a fresh cut or style is always the starting point.

If all of the above applies to you and you’re looking for your next trending hair look, we’ve rounded up 11 of the biggest styles for autumn 2021. Say goodbye to beachy waves and hello to your coolest vibes yet.

Metallic Copper

Copper is the hair colour that sees a revival during the autumn months, but 2021’s copper has had a metallic makeover. @afhairstylist’s metallic copper is the perfect example of how to nail crisp, leafy shades with a metallic finish.

Frosted Tips

You heard it here first, frosted tips are the new balayage. Whether your hair is long or short, frosted tips are the trend that feels edgy without pushing you too far out of your comfort zone. Follow @coconutandconcrete’s lead and add a few blonde tips for an instant trending look.

Rebellious Colour

Hair colour experimentalists will be pleased to hear rebellious colour is trending. We’re talking all the primary and bold colours, and as many as you like. If there is time to try something a bit different, now is definitely it. @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon’s multi-tonal pink is a big vibe for us rn.


Bobs are having a huge moment right now, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. The bob is the ultimate classic cut that can still look edgy and fresh. Try adding layers for volume or pairing with a chic fringe for a Parisian vibe. @hairbymj_‘s look is a real lesson in how to take the classic bob and make it 2021. 

70s Styling

The 70s gave so much hair inspo that you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re look for a style with high retro stakes. Add Jane Birkin, Jerry Hall, and Diana Ross to your Pinterest board for all the classic 70s inpso and a dusting of Debbie Harry and Patti Smith for the cool. Or you can follow @joeltorresstyle’s lead and get choppy.

90s Styling

Jumping forward 20 years, and we hit one of the biggest trends of the last couple of years: the 90s. The 90s gave us tight crimps, high ponytails, bandu knots, and chunky highlights. But if you’re feeling something a little more lowkey, @hairbyshyladuffy’s peak-a-boo streaks and choppy Rachel cut are the perfect compromise.

Sculpted Afros

Sculpted afros are a big impact look that has been trending on the red carpet for the last couple of award seasons. Take a leaf out of Janelle Monae’s extensive look book and cut a slick parting through afro hair for all the cool. @kf_hairstylingacademy_london has nailed the assignment.

Curly Shags

There are so many hacks on how to create easy curls that the curly shade could be the easiest trend on this roundup. And as one of the most Googled hair styles of the season so far, you can bet you’re going to be bang on trend. @motherofcurls has nailed not only the curly shag, but frosted tips AND grown out fringes in one easy sweep.

Grown Out Fringes

Grown out fringes are yet more proof that 70s hair styling is having a real moment rn. Fringe owners will be pleased to know that they all they need to do to be on trend is miss their monthly trim; while none fringe owners, show @pony.studios to your hair stylist for that no-effort with a lot of effort fringe.

Luxe Styling

All we need to say to sum up this trend is: Bella Hadid. Simple, slick, but oh so effective styling that works whether you’re nipping to the shop or dressing up for a big event. Think poker straight, Ariana Grande style ponytails, mirror shine hair, and perfectly cut partings. @kira.suex has this one nailed.

Buzz Cuts

A buzz cut is the ultimate low-maintenance look that will always be on trend. It might feel radical if you’re used to longer hair styles, but if you’re ready for a big change with a big reaction, this is the trend you should be eyeing up. @olajarel’s multi-length buzz cut is a great way to dip your toe without going the whole way.