All The Autumn 2020 Beauty Trends You Need To Know

If you’re as beauty obsessed as we are, then you’re going to want to get to know about all the latest trends. From trending ingredients to new products and formulas, this is the only beauty update that you need.

From natural makeup and everyday grunge, to 90s lip gloss and clitoral vibrators, check out the latest trends that we’re going to be obsessing over this autumn.

No-makeup makeup

More time indoors has automatically meant little-to-no makeup, but for those days where you have a zoom meeting that requires your camera or you just fancy a little pick-me-up, natural, no-makeup makeup is your go-to. Nailing the perfect no-makeup look can sometimes be a little harder than it seems, so follow our steps to master the technique and get flawless, glowing skin that looks like your skin, but better.

Cold weather skincare

As the leaves begin to drop and the colder months roll in, it’s time you switched up your skincare routine. More cold-protecting formulas are required and thirst-quenching, thicker moisturisers are now on the menu. We’ve got all the essentials covered in one place thanks to the Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Hydration Set. Featuring the dry skin-saving SkinHit Hydrating Serum, the refreshing Make It Rain Face Mist, and our all-time winter skin hero – the Thirst Class Rich Moisturiser.

Everyday grunge

Thought grunge was just for going out? You thought wrong – grunge is the new everyday makeup look. Quick and easy to master with a slick of kohl or dark, smokey shadow, this trend suits everyone. Whether you’re going for a minimal look or all-out, stock up on our grungey faves here to complete your vibe.

Magnesium supplements

There are so many benefits to adding magnesium into your diet, so what are you waiting for? Since launching Solgar earlier this season, we did some investigating into what taking magnesium can actually do for you. The answer? Pretty much anything – from anti-stress and better sleep, to soothing aching muscles and helping with period pain (yes!), find out more here.

90s lip gloss

In case you hadn’t heard, gloss is back and it’s better than ever. An icon of the 90s, gloss is the secret to healthy, luscious, and full-looking lips. Luckily, it’s been brought into the 21st century and gone are the sticky, lip-suffocating formulas that have thankfully been left in the 90s. Our new go-tos are the By BEAUTY BAY Lip Glosses – available in a range of pigmented colours that can be worn alone or over your favourite lipsticks, you’re about to find your latest lip favourite.

Clitoral vibrators

Whether you couldn’t live without your vibrator or you’re yet to explore the realm of sexual pleasure, let us introduce you to clitoral vibrators. Although they look pretty strange, these vibrators have been specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris for your pleasure. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive zones on the body thanks to its high concentration of nerve endings, so why not use them to your advantage? It’s time to try out something new.

Pop art

Just as 60s has been trending for months, pop art has become a trend in its own right. Think bright, bold, vibrant colours and repetitive patters or classic pop art shapes. Take some inspo from @wendysworld_xox and try the trend out for yourself.

Winter metallics

With autumn-winter comes the festive vibes and that only means one thing – sparkle. The holiday season without metallics just wouldn’t be the same, so make sure you’re not missing out! Whether you’re going for a full-frontal shimmer or just a subtle pop of sparkle, our Liquid Crystal shades and Metallic Crayon Eyeliners will get you there.