9 Products BEAUTY BAY Staff Loved Last Month

Of course, working in the beauty industry has many perks. And of course, the BEAUTY BAY staff’s favourite perk is trying and testing all the beauty and wellness products we can get our hands on. It wouldn’t be wrong to think we all have a new fave every month, because with so many new launches and word of mouth reviews, we can’t resist our monthly fix of must-have products.

Keep scrolling to see this month’s staff approved favourites that we know you’re going to be just as obsessed with.

Dame Products Fin

‘The shape of this vibrator is so cool! It might look a little confusing at first, but the tether end is actually just to wrap around your fingers to keep the vibrator in place, then the round end is to use externally for exploring. Unlike some other vibrators I’ve used, Dame’s Fin is designed purely for female pleasure without mimicking the traditionally male shape. You can keep the tether attached to wrap around your fingers, so the vibrator feels more like natural extension of your hand or take it off if you prefer. 

‘As well as the super cute mint-green colour, I love that Fin is USB rechargeable so you never have to worry about it running out of batteries and is water resistant, so can be used in the bath or shower. The round, vibrating end has a firm section and a softer section so you can mix it up with textures and there are three speeds to turn it up depending on what sensation you prefer. FYI, the third setting is powerful!’

Alex, Senior Marketing Executive

UpCircle Beauty Coffee Body Scrub with Lemongrass

‘I’m already a huge fan of UpCircle Beauty’s coffee face scrubs – for the smell as well as the exfoliation – so when I realised that they also make body scrubs, you bet I was all over them! I love all the scrubs with all my smooth and dead skin free body, but it’s the Coffee Body Scrub with Lemongrass that has really stolen my heart. Made using repurposed coffee beans from London’s coffee shops, the scrub is infused with lemongrass to gently exfoliate the skin. I’m a big fan on anything lemony, but if you’re not, UpCircle Beauty also make a peppermint infused and a tangerine infused. I highly recommend you haul one of this for your shower shelf; it has been my saviour in times of dodgy tan, flaky skin, and Sunday pampers. Tip: scrub all over the feet before using a pumice stone. It makes light work of dry feet.’

Olivia, Content Assistant

By BEAUTY BAY Lip Gloss and Highlighters

‘The By BEAUTY BAY Lip Glosses in shades Mudslide and Mocha – honestly name a better duo. The perfect rich nude for medium to dark skin tones. The 10/10 formula and the 10/10 packaging will have you looking and feeling like baddest every time you pull this out. Facts.

The By BEAUTY BAY Highlighters, ugh, wow nothing makes me look more expensive. They apply so smooth and don’t settle into my skin texture. The shades are all so amazing and difficult to choose from but Glaze is the one – don’t be fooled by the cool silver/pink, it looks amazing on warm skin tones too!’

Hannanah, Graphic Designer

Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm

Moving to a WFH situation might have changed a few things but not my deskside beauty essentials which always include a lip balm, this time Dr. Pawpaw’s Original Balm. I use it mainly on my lips but it is multi-purpose; it’s super moisturising and has really helped recently when my lips have become dry with the change in weather. My lips feel smoother almost instantly but if they’re really dry, I leave it on overnight and by the morning my lips are back to normal, would definitely recommend!

Sarah, Marketing Manager – Search and Shopping 

ZOEVA Authentik Skin Finishing Powder

‘I’ve been looking for a good setting powder for a while and I think I’ve definitely found the one with the ZOEVA Authentik Skin Setting Powder. I find with most setting powders they crease pretty much straight away and you’re left wondering why you even bothered but the ZOEVA one leaves your under eyes feelin’ silky smooth and literally flawless! The little ‘net’ feature ensures you don’t waste any product and puts the perfect amount on your blender at once, its super lightweight but also covers any creases and keeps your skin matte all day. It’s not drying either which is a bonus!’

Rochelle, Marketing Assistant

Gallinée Prebiotic Face Foaming Cleanser

‘After reading up on prebiotics and listening to staff at BBHQ raving about the brand, I decided to give the Gallinee Prebiotic Face Foaming Cleanser a go to see what all the fuss was about. After using the product for two weeks and noticing my skin looking brighter and clearer, I finally get it. You only need to use one/two pumps, so it lasts ages and works out really cost effective (always a bonus). It’s also super gentle and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry which is perfect for my sensitive skin. I have a few cleansers on rotation but this is up there with my favourites and I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I run out.’  

Fran, Content Executive 

Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

‘I was recently introduced to this shampoo by my hairdresser because as the seasons change, my scalp suffers – product build-up and dry flakes are inevitable. I loved it so much that I instantly bought myself a bottle (despite having approximately 642594 other shampoos lined up in my shower). It keeps my scalp clear from the build-up and flakiness that it’s prone to, without stripping or drying it out like other scalp-oriented shampoos have done in the past – which only makes the situation up there worse. The best part is it feels instantly cooling and soothing, and you notice a difference after one use.’

Grace, Content Manager

By BEAUTY BAY Crayon Eyeliner Core Collection Trio

‘When thinking of purchasing crayon eyeliners I have very specific needs, almost a checklist of key requirements which the eyeliner will need to adhere to. For example: budge proof – if I am having a busy day I need to know my liner will stay with me through thick and thin, creamy – there is nothing I hate more than tugging on my eye area, so the liner needs to be able to glide across my lid with ease, and finally pigmentation – if I am buying black, it NEEDS to be black! So, after using By BEAUTY BAY‘s Crayon Eyeliner Core Collection Trio, I can confidently say they are THE best liners to go for! They absolutely tick all my boxes, budge proof, creamy and pigmented.’

Sophie, Junior Shoot Producer

Jouer Cosmetics Overnight Conditioning and Repairing Lip Mask

‘This lip mask has been a staple in my night time routine for over a year now and still serves to impress. I’ve always suffered with dry, cracked lips and no matter how much balm applied, have never really found anything that truly helped. Then I tried the Jouer Overnight Conditioning and Repairing Lip Mask and sure enough, it did the trick! Any time the weather changes, or I’ve been wearing a lot of lippy, I give my lips a good scrub before bed and apply this mask. Now I rarely suffer with dryness and find my lips soft and smooth. Love this product! And it smells good too!’

Kate, Account Manager