19 Brands You Can Only Find On BEAUTY BAY

If there’s one thing we can brag about, it has to be our long list of exclusive brands — the ones you can get only on BEAUTY BAY. From TikTok-trending brands like Trigwell Cosmetics and Coco Cosmetics, innovative game-changers like Contour Cube and Martine Cosmetics, and of course our one and only By BEAUTY BAY, we’ve got all the best beauty products you need in your stash.

At BEAUTY BAY, we want to deliver the big names, the trending must-haves, and the next big thing, all at once — that’s why we’re the ultimate destination. Looking for luxury? We’ve got it. Need something more affordable? We’ve got you covered. Want the top-rated brands? Yep, you guessed it, we’ve got those too.

Scroll to discover 19 brands you can only find on BEAUTY BAY.


Developed and curated by our very own BEAUTY BAY team, By BEAUTY BAY is inspired by our customers to bring the very best to the beauty obsessed. Think haircare for everyone, skincare for every type, concern, and goal, plus makeup essentials that will put your OG faves to shame. And of course, because it’s made by us, it’s exclusive to BEAUTY BAY.

2. Aśani

With a range of melting body butters and gentle body polishes, Aśani is the body care brand you need in your routine. Each formula is jam-packed with kind-to-skin ingredients that leave you smelling delicious, so we can see why it’s often sold out…

3. Coco Cosmetics By Chloe

Looking for one of the all-time best beauty products? Say hello to Coco Cosmetics, the brand that created the original marshmallow sponge. As seen on TikTok, they’ve got all the new, game-changing products, and you’re gonna be obsessed.

4. Contour Cube

Harness the power of cryotherapy in the palm of your hand and the comfort of your home with Contour Cube. This innovative brand (that’s available only on BEAUTY BAY) is the creator of the original ice facial tool and deserves a spot in your next haul.

5. Good Dye Young

Exclusive to BEAUTY BAY in the UK, Good Dye Young is your one-stop shop for vibrant, custom hair colours. Created by Paramore’s Hayley Williams and her stylist and MUA, Brian O’Conner, this brand is just what your hair needs.

6. Hair Syrup

Introducing your next haircare saviour, Hair Syrup. Packed full of no-nonsense, nutrient-rich, nourishing, gloss-enhancing, pre-wash hair treatments, this brand has something for everyone. Oh, and it’s exclusive to BEAUTY BAY in the UK.

7. Kimchi Chic Beauty

Add some serious glamour to your makeup looks with Kimchi Chic Beauty. Founded by drag queen and Insta OG, Kimchi, this brand features something for everybody, whether you love the subtle look or something extra. 

8. Lethal Cosmetics

Only available at BEAUTY BAY, Lethal Cosmetics is the makeup for high expectations… Haul their range of iconic multi-chrome shadows, liners, and pressed powders. You won’t regret it.

9. Made By Mitchell

If you’re a BEAUTY BAY OG then you’ll know the name of this one… Creators of the iconic, always-sold-out Blursh, Made By Mitchell is made for you. Exclusive to BEAUTY BAY, you’re guaranteed to find the best beauty products with this brand.

10. Martine Cosmetics

Calling all makeup obsessives… Exclusive to BEAUTY BAY, Martine Cosmetics is the makeup brand you need in your routine. Crazy palettes, lipsticks, mascaras, and everything in between, this one’s for you.

11. Ofra

Known (and loved) for its killer highlighters and shadows, Ofra is a must-have for any beauty obsessive, and it’s exclusive to BEAUTY BAY. Meet you at the checkout!

12. Trigwell Cosmetics

Here at BEAUTY BAY, you can literally haul your FYP in one place, and no TikTok-trending haul is complete without Trigwell Cosmetics. Known for its iconic Velvet Powder Puffs, this brand belongs in your collection.

13. Trixie Cosmetics

Seamlessly taking you from the werkroom to the runway, Trixie Cosmetics delivers nothing but high-quality, top-performance makeup must-haves. Exclusive to BEAUTY BAY, it’s time for everyone to have their own Trixie moment…

14. Unbound

Created to help you explore and enjoy your sexual wellness, Unbound sounds like your kinda vibe. We’re all about comfortably exploring and expressing our sexuality here at BEAUTY BAY, and Unbound has the perfect tools for the job.

15. Youthforia

Inject some fun back into your makeup routine with Youthforia. Exclusive to BEAUTY BAY, this brand features the magic BYO Blush and a bunch of other essentials. It’s time for a makeup bag overhaul!


Euphoria might be our favourite beauty inspo of all time, which is why we needed to HALF MAGIC exclusive to BEAUTY BAY. Created by Euphpria’s Donni Davy, this brand has everything you need to replicate Maddy’s iconic gem eye looks or Jules’ ethereal vibes.

17. Naked Sundays

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know how much we love a good SPF brand, which is why we wanted one of the best only on BEAUTY BAY — Naked Sundays. From glowy SPF lotions to skin-protecting sprays and tinted lip oils, if SPF is your goal, make Naked Sundays your go-to.

18. Bubble Skincare

If you’re looking for skincare that makes your skin look as cute as the packaging, then look no further — Bubble Skincare has you covered. Exclusive to BEAUTY BAY, this inclusive, affordable range has everything you need to get great skin on a budget.

19. Pley Beauty

Say hello to the latest exclusive newbie on the BEAUTY BAY block — Pley Beauty. If sustainable makeup is your thing, then Pley Beauty is your match. With bright, bold eyeshadow palettes and natural cheek tints, you’re sure to find your next beauty faves.