This Is How We Created By BEAUTY BAY’s Felt Tip Liner

Ever wondered how your favourite beauty products are created? Or how long it takes for a product to get from being an idea to an icon? Or maybe you’re just interested to know how many different BIS variations there are of one product before we see the winner? 

We have long wondered about all these questions too, so to celebrate the arrival of By BEAUTY BAY’s Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner, we chatted with Emily, By BEAUTY BAY’s New Product Developer, to find out just how and why the perfect (and it is perfect) eyeliner is created.  

What made you want to create the perfect eyeliner for By BEAUTY BAY?

We wanted to create a liquid eyeliner as it’s such a staple and core product for the market and, most importantly, for our customer! We see Generation BEAUTY BAY creating amazing eye looks every day with our eyeshadow palettes and wanted to give them the perfect liquid eyeliner to pair with. 

What was the main quality you wanted the eyeliner to have?

Super pigmented and long-wearing, which this formula most definitely is! We wanted our liquid eyeliner to be high performing and that’s why it features intense black pigment, tried and tested long-wear up to 24 hours, and it’s even waterproof!

What setbacks/challenges did you face during the process?

Finding the perfect nib for sure. It was so important to us that this was easy to apply for people at all skill levels. We tried so many variants of materials and shapes and decided on a super precise and ultra flexi tip applicator that’s easy to use even for the most un-steady hand. We also decided to make the material of the tip felt so that it soaks up more of the formula and helps to provide that incredible intense pay off!

What do you think is the best thing about this product?

The best thing about this product is the performance and application. It has a mega formula that is so easy to use and glides onto the eyelid without dragging. The even better part is that it is totally affordable! By BEAUTY BAY giving you high end products for a total steal. 

How long did it take you to create the perfect tip?

This eyeliner has been in development since spring 2020 last year and a lot of TLC has gone into sourcing the perfect formula and applicator. 

What makes this eyeliner different to the others?

This eyeliner stands out from the crowd as it’s been trialled and tested to give fool proof results and a matching fool proof finish. 

Is the eyeliner long-lasting (aka cry and party proof!)?

YES, it is! It has been long wear tested with amazing results of up to 24 hours! It’s also waterproof so it will not budge even when you are ugly crying. But don’t worry, it will come off with a cleanser or micellar water. 

Do you have any tips for making the most of the eyeliner?

Always try to store this liquid eyeliner (and any liquid eyeliner for that matter) upright so the formula drips down to the nib – this is to ensure you get that extreme pay off. You should also keep your liquid eyeliner clean to avoid any excess getting onto the fingertips; give the barrel around the nib a quick wipe down after each use to ensure it stays looking gorgeous.

How many variations of eyeliner have your tried?

Countless! We trialled and tested so many different formulas from literally all over the world. And then once we found the perfect formula we also trialled and tested an endless number of applicators made from different materials and shapes. It’s been a labour of love. 

What is your favourite way to wear liner?

My favourite way is the traditional light wing that finishes halfway across the eye lid for a subtle cat eye.