4 BEAUTY BAY Gift Sets For The Biggest Makeup Obsessives

If your Christmas gifting list is already as long as your arm and the panic buying is starting to descend, may we introduce you to your festive saviours; six makeup packed bundles featuring all the By BEAUTY BAY beauty goodies that your friends, family, and work colleagues could ever desire. (You’re probably going to want one or two as well.) Christmas is all about spreading a little magic, makeup, and cheer, that’s why our Make Your Own Magic bundles are the sure to be gifts that every beauty obsessive on your present list will remember.

See below for the lowdown on what’s included in each of the exclusive bundles.

The Dreamy Collection

The biggest of the six collections, The Dreamy Collection includes seven full sized beauty faves, perfect for creating those soft, dreamy looks that we love to indulge over the festive period. We wouldn’t blame you if you’d rather buy this bundle for yourself rather than your bestie, but we have to remind you of all the brownie points you’d win for gifting this baby. With everything you need for countless full glam looks, it’s not hard to understand why this collection is the dreamy one…

In The Collection:

By BEAUTY BAY Nude Matte 9 Colour Palette 

By BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystal Eyeshadow in Rutile

By BEAUTY BAY Round  The  Blend Eye Brush

By BEAUTY BAY Crayon Eyeliner in Ink

By BEAUTY BAY Powder Highlighter in Beam 

By BEAUTY BAY Glow Up Highlighter Brush

By BEAUTY BAY Lip Gloss in Slippers 

The Charmed Collection

Is your bestie eyeshadow obsessed? Or is your little sister looking to start her own makeup collection (and stay away from yours)? Whatever the scenario, you can’t go wrong with The Charmed Collection. With all three of By BEAUTY BAY’s nine-pan eyeshadow palettes, this bundle is perfect for all of the beauty obsessed on your present list this year. The Fiery 9 Colour Palette is our go-to for sultry looks; the Nude 9 Colour Palette is the classic everyone needs; and the Bright 9 Colour Palette is the bestseller that can do no wrong.

In The Collection:

By BEAUTY BAY Fiery 9 Colour Palette 

By BEAUTY BAY Nude 9 Colour Palette

By BEAUTY BAY Bright 9 Colour Palette

The Bewitched Collection

We recommend buying two of The Bewitched Collection: one for the person you initially planned to buy it for and one for yourself. Reason being that we honestly don’t think you’ll be able to cope with the looks the lucky receiver will be creating and you’ll need one for yourself. It’s logic and time saving really. We mean who could resist the sultry looks from the Fiery 9 Colour Palette blended with the iconic Round The Blend and OG Shader brushes, with a finishing touch of a classic red glossy lip courtesy of the Lollipop Lip gloss? Not us!

In The Collection:

By BEAUTY BAY Fiery 9 Colour Palette

By BEAUTY BAY Round The Blend Brush

By BEAUTY BAY OG Shader Brush

By BEAUTY BAY Lip Gloss in Lollipop

The Enchanted Collection

The perfect stocking filler for your colour obsessed bestie, The Enchanted Collection is the one that will score you serious ‘favourite present’ points. With the icon of bright palettes to spice up every look from Christmas through to the summer, two brushes to help even the newest beauty novices blend to perfection, plus a chic pink lip gloss that even kisses under the mistletoe won’t ruin. This is the collection with everything you, ahem we mean your bestie, needs to enchant this Christmas.

In The Collection:

By BEAUTY BAY Bright 9 Colour Palette 

By BEAUTY BAY Round The Blend Brush

By BEAUTY BAY OG Shader Brush

By BEAUTY BAY Lip Gloss in Petal