We’re Obsessed With… This Glow-Boosting Serum

I am a shameless ‘no foundation’ girl. I hate the way it feels…heavy on my face and sinkin into my pores. I feel like I’m wearing a mud mask sometimes.

This is why my current obsession is the By BEAUTY BAY 5% Squalane + Grapeseed Oil Serum Hybrid. It’s nice to have an option in lieu of foundation. I love a good primer, but sometimes it’s odd to wear one without ‘topping’ it off, but with the oil serum hybrid, there’s no need!

I really put the product through its paces in March when I was in still-wintery Amsterdam, though the wind was whistling and the rain was coming at me sideways, I still looked super glowy!

The product has a neutral but clean scent. It’s thinner than sunscreen in texture, silky soft and I’d recommend continuously buffing it into your skin with your fingers or a good quality buffing brush onto your cheeks, forehead and nose.

Immediately you’ll notice the GLOW and the way the formulation glides over problem pores and fine lines for a soft, ‘candlelit’ look. 

You can leave it relatively bare-faced for that clean-girl look but I love using the product as a base for a decent amount of blush and highlighter. Teamed with your go-to products, you’re sure to look lit from within, which was the result I found. 

Overall, the hybrid is super wearable, and you don’t have to build too much on top of it, as you would for traditional serum products. For someone like me who wants an alternative to a heavier foundation it’s perfect, and it’s price point is a steal. It’s nice to choose a product that can do all the heavy lifting as a complete ‘filter’ for a dressed-down day, or as a companion to your usual picks for going out-out.

This definitely isn’t your traditional serum but a does-it-all alternative that functions deeper than just ‘locking in’ other products. She walks alone! A step you need in your daily routine.

Claire, Senior Customer Service Advisor