I Tested All 11 Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Products So You Know What To Buy

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trusted with the very important job of trialling BEAUTY BAY’s skincare line before it launched (it’s a tough job, I know, but someone’s got to do it). It’s been super top secret, and I haven’t been able to tell a single soul about it (even though I’ve been dying to!), but if you’ve seen me in the last fortnight and commented on my glowing complexion (why thank you), fourteen little BEAUTY BAY branded bottles & boxes might just be the reason. I review them all, here.

SkinHit Clarifying Serum

Texturally, these serums are a joy to use for an oily skinned gal like me. They’re lightweight, non greasy and sink in to the skin dreamily. And what’s more – unlike some serums that just feel like an extra layer of moisture – I can actually tell what each one does individually. My fave has to be the clarifying serum, when applied before bed, I wake up with smoother skin, with less texture, and fewer of those tiny annoying forehead blackheads that make makeup look bumpy.

SkinHit Brightening serum

The brightening serum is also a winner. Applied under makeup I look glowwy and ethereal, like I sleep for twelve hours and only drink water. Applied before bed, the vitaminc C means I wake up with a beautiful sheen – win win.

SkinHit Hydrating serum

I have absolutely been rinsing this hyaluronic acid packed serum lately, applying it morning and night – and even sometimes during the day. It instantly feels like a big hit of hydration for the skin – like I’m feeding my face a big glass of water. 10/10 for making me feel like I’m properly hydrating at least one part of my body properly (because applying a hydrating serum definitely counteracts drinking countless coffees instead of H2o, right?)

SkinHit Soothing serum

When I’m stressed out, I pick at my skin. This means I’m often left looking red in the face like a tomato, my skin is bumpy, and feels quite sore – not a good look. Worse still when I then have to apply makeup atop this mess, I don’t get the smooth, even coverage I want and spend the next hour regretting all my decisions. This is why I started using the soothing serum – I simply apply a thin layer over the areas where I’ve turned my face into moon craters and lightly massage into my skin. It really does calm redness and soothe irritation, so I can imagine it would work wonders on angry, sensitive skin, too. 

SkinHit Correcting serum

This serum is basically my dream come true in a bottle – an acid based serum to clarify dull skin, and an extra exfoliating step to cut through dead skin cells. It also helps clear up dark spots and acne scarring, so I’ve been applying it religiously on my cheeks and forehead for a clearer complexion.

The Skin Fixer Clay Mask

Hands up, who else here has applied a clay mask in the hope it’ll solve all of life’s problems? Maybe that’s why I’m usually underwhelmed by the results. But this wasn’t an issue for the BEAUTY BAY Clay Mask – my skin felt ‘tighter’ (in the good way – you know the one) and brighter, and, best of all, my period skin chin zits felt less inflamed and painful, fading gracefully in the next few days. 

The Super Jelly Cleansing Gel

Onto my cleanse with the gel, my skin felt so fresh, it even passed the ‘toner test’ (running a cotton pad with toner on over just-washed skin to check all the makeup residue is long gone – because, spoiler alert, with a single cleanse – it usually isn’t). A gentle formula that will make my skin clean and comfortable, but won’t upset my PH balance, break me out, give me that horrible ‘tight skin’ feeling, or leave me feeling unclean? Sign me up.

The Acid Trip Exfoliating Toner

This toner might be the standout of the collection for me. Whether you’re an exfoliating toner novice or champ, this one will stand head and shoulders above the rest. This toner is a blend of AHA & PHA acids that essentially slough away the top layer of dead skin (that makes skin appear dull) and, almost instantaneously, releases a ‘lit from within’ glow. Your skin never looks fresher than having just swiped on a layer of exfoliating toner. Make this a staple in your bedtime routine, stat.

The Day One Light Moisturiser

Ever got near the 5 o’clock mark, put your hand to your face and felt… damp? That unmistakeable sheen is a lovely layer of grease that collects throughout the day, and I experience it near daily. I really notice a difference in my oil levels when I try out different moisturisers, with heavy ones turning me from ‘cute and glowwy’ to ‘could fry chips on my forehead’ in no time at all. I was wary of this trying out the BEAUTY BAY light moisturiser, but – to my surprise – it didn’t make me oily at all. Nope, not even at five. Or six. At all! It’s so lightweight and does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s not fragranced either, so is great for even the most sensitive of skins.

The Thirst Class Rich Moisturiser

Having said that, I do get chapped around my nose and forehead in the cold winter weather – the joys of sort of normal, sort of oily/combo skin. At night I apply a thicker moisturiser to really hydrate my skin and get rid of all the crustiness, without compromising my oil levels throughout the day (a great tip for my fellow oily-skinned girls). This moisturiser was a real treat, thick and luxurious, there’s no way you’d guess it only cost £7. Again, unfragranced, so perfect for all skin sensitivities and types.

The Dot-A-Spot Blemish Patches

My skin usually behaves (thankfully), but around ‘that time’ of the month (you know the one) it freaks out. Badly. Normally my chin and cheeks take the hit, and I’m guaranteed one gargantuan spot monthly – usually one of those horrible, under the skin, painful-yet-not-squeezable ones. Yuck. These are my secret weapon when it comes to combating those unwelcome zits. Just place one on your face before bed, wake up, and the one-painful spot is either ready to ‘deal with’ (again – you know what I mean), or it’s vanished entirely. Literally tiny miracle workers, and a must have for anyone’s routine.