We’ve Been Testing BEAUTY BAY Skincare Products For 12 Months, These Are Our Faves

The secret is out. We’ve launched our very own skincare range and (as expected) it’s a pretty big deal. When the Skincare By BEAUTY BAY samples started making their way round BEAUTY BAY HQ, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Scroll for the inside scoop on our newest skincare heroes.  

SkinHit Brightening Serum

“My biggest skin concern is suffering with dullness, uneven texture, and pigmentation, so I really wanted to get my hands on the SkinHit Brightening Serum. Vitamin C is my go-to for giving my skin a glow and reducing pigmentation, and this serum did not disappoint. Before I introduced it to my routine, my skin was in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Even after the first week of using this serum, my skin looked brighter, felt smoother and glowed without makeup. It’s now a staple in my routine!” – Kate, Content Assistant


“I used to break out a lot in my early twenties and have been left with a lot of scarring and pigmentation, so I’m always looking out for products and ingredients to help with this. I’ve used vitamin C serums before, and I love this product! The silky texture absorbs quickly and works great as a primer to smooth, brighten, and wake up my skin.” – Hannah, Customer Services

SkinHit Clarifying Serum

“When I tried the clarifying serum, I did have a fair few breakouts, so it was perfect timing for me! I used the serum lightly all over my face. It felt so refreshing and my skin was instantly softer! Over the next 48 hours, I noticed that my breakouts were visibly reducing, and the redness was almost completely gone. My skin felt much clearer after 72 hours which was amazing, usually it takes around a week for my skin to clear but this product really seemed to speed the whole process up. Since using the clarifying serum I haven’t had any major breakouts – I’ve found a real gem here!” – Ailsa, Customer Services

Super Jelly Cleansing Gel

“I’m quite loyal to my usual double cleanse with a balm cleanser and The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser, but I decided to switch it up a bit and try out the Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Super Jelly Cleansing Gel. I like my skin to feel thoroughly cleansed but not stripped, so a gentle but effective formula is something I look for. The Super Jelly Cleansing Gel is the perfect refreshing second cleanse that gives my skin a reset after a day of air conditioning and city pollutants. The prebiotic enriched formula leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, clean, but not tight, and costing under £7 makes it feel even better.” – Kate, Content Assistant

“The Super Jelly Cleansing Gel is exactly the type of cleanser I like to use for my morning face wash – something that makes my skin feel clean and ready to face the day, without being too harsh. Thanks to the inclusion of avocado oil and prebiotics, this gentle, refreshing formula leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated after rinsing – not tight or stripped of moisture like so many cleansers do.” – Grace, Beauty Editor

Day One Light Moisturiser

This moisturiser is great when my skin is going through an oily phase as it’s lightweight on the skin but still gives me a nice hit of hydration. I tend to mix hydrating serums or face oils into it when my skin is drier, and they blend into the formula nicely. It also grips onto makeup well so I can skip primers which is a plus.” – Sophie, Product Development Manager


“I find it hard to find moisturisers that I love and have never had a go-to favourite, however the Day One Light Moisturiser is going to be a staple in my skincare routine now. I love the way the gel texture feels on my skin and it absorbs really quickly, but the main thing I love is how well it works as a makeup primer. My foundation has never looked more flawless, my makeup doesn’t cake, and my skin feels hydrated all day.” – Ellen, Senior Marketing Executive

SkinHit Hydrating Serum

“When I need my skin to feel hydrated and plump, the SkinHit Hydrating Serum is my go-to. It absorbs suuuper quickly and feels so lightweight whilst giving my skin a much-needed hydration boost. I apply it in the morning before my makeup to make sure my skin is well prepped and ready to go whilst staying moisturised all day.” – Justyna, Marketing Assistant


“So, I have mad oily skin, without enlarged or visible pores, but more texture and hyperpigmentation issues. My goal for trialling BEAUTY BAY skincare was to help me with these issues without making my skin oily or breaking me out. I used the SkinHit Hydrating Serum because I was told oily skin is actually dehydrated and is overproducing oils? (If I’m scientifically wrong, allow me). I use this every morning to drown my skin in hydration and it feels instantly plumper and fresher. It also provides a great base layer for my makeup.” – Hananah, Creative Artworker

Skin Fixer Clay Mask

“I am a face mask fanatic. There is not a sheet, peel, or clay mask that I won’t try. That’s why when BEAUTY BAY announced they were releasing a face mask; I couldn’t stop myself from volunteering to try it. Turns out, that was the best decision I made in 2019. The Skin Fixer Clay Mask, first of all, is my favourite colour (dusty rose) and it was a pleasure to catch myself in the mirror wearing it. Secondly, it works super hard to absorb excess oil with visible results. I used the mask five nights a week, and because the mask is super thick, one goes a long way.  My skin felt super matte after around two weeks of using, which is great for my oily skin, and after about four weeks, my whole complexion felt soooo soft. The Skin Fixer Clay Mask is now permanently on my shelfie!” – Olivia, Content Assistant


“As a sufferer of oily skin, clay masks have become a staple in my routine… anything to help reduce shine and clear up hormonal breakouts! The Skin Fixer Clay Mask glides on beautifully, and washes off to leave behind a soft, matte finish that lasts for days!” – Hannah, Customer Services

Thirst Class Rich Moisturiser

“I have combination skin with dry patches on my cheeks and the sides of my nose, so I like to use quite thick moisturisers. The Thirst Class Moisturiser has a rich, luxurious texture to it but isn’t too thick or heavy. It feels nice on my skin and absorbed beautifully, not sitting on top of my skin like some moisturisers do. Also, the smell is lovely and not overpowering. Highly recommend for combination skin!” – Jess, Customer Services

“Alright, this is the baddest bitch of the whole range. Its smooth and rich and buttery and LOVE. I swear after I started using this my credit score improved. This is levels. Buy the Thirst Class Rich Moisturiser and be the thirst trap you want to see in the world!” – Hananah, Creative Artworker

Dot-A-Spot Blemish Stickers

“Whoever invented hydrocolloid patches… thank you and I love you. These completely changed my skincare routine and the quality of my skin. I used to massively pick at and squeeze my spots and I almost always made them worse. I know that if I wake up with a spot at the worst time these will help make it go away really fast. If my skin has freaked out, I need loads of patches, so I appreciate that you get so many in this pack compared to other brands. These stay put on the skin really well too. No complaints here.” – Sophie, Product Development Manager


“For a notorious spot picker like myself, the Dot-A-Spot Blemish Stickers are an absolute saviour. Whenever I feel a pimple making its way onto my face, I mask it with a sticker, let these little dots work their magic and the urge to pick or pop immediately goes away. An added bonus: not only do they mask anything you want to cover; they also blend into your skin, so wearing these bad boys out and about is super easy! I need an endless supply of these ASAP.” – Justyna, Marketing Assistant

Acid Trip Exfoliating Toner

“I no longer suffer from cystic acne thanks to Roaccutane, but I do still get a lot of congestion and blackheads. Effective but gentle exfoliating toners like this one are my go-to after cleansing my face in the evening, especially if I’ve had a long day in the office or have been out in the city. My skin always feels extra clean and refreshed after I use this, and I rely on it to help prevent congestion and dullness. Achieving baby smooth, clear skin is my dream and this is a definite favourite of mine to help me get there. l also love how it’s gentle enough for me to use pretty much every evening so I don’t really have to worry about overdoing it and irritating my skin.” – Sophie, Product Development Manager

“I haven’t used many acid toners before, but I am super happy with the results I am seeing from using the Skincare By BEAUTY BAY 5% Glycolic Acid + 1% PHA Toner. Before I started using this my skin looked fairly dull without makeup, however I have seen a big difference with the brightness of my skin and my skin tone looks a lot more even. I was slightly hesitant to use an acid toner as I was unsure how harsh it would feel on my skin, but this feels gentle and I’m so glad I introduced it into my routine. I have managed to enjoy my makeup free days for the first time in years!” – Ellen, Senior Marketing Executive

SkinHit Correcting Serum

“I started using the SkinHits first because I was most excited about these. When doing the packaging artwork, I got really familiar with the products and their specific uses (honestly guys, read the box). I only use SkinHit Correcting Serum at night because it has acids in and that means I have to use a SPF after so I’d rather use it at night because I’m lazy. No one come at me for not using SPF alright. I noticed an improvement in the texture on my cheek area with this, like there’s less bumps when I’m putting stuff on my face. I’m really impressed with how my skin has taken to it, and I’ll definitely be incorporating into my permanent routine.”  – Hananah, Creative Artworker

SkinHit Soothing Serum

“I’ll admit, I’m not a huge serum fan. Before the Skinhit Soothing Serum that is! I had been using niacinamide on my skin for a few months prior, but mainly out of habit and a small worry what would happen if I stopped using it, not because I thought it was my skin saviour. But, after using BEAUTY BAY’s Soothing Serum (niacinamide is a key ingredient) for two weeks, my pores started to appear a lot finer and my overall skin condition was soooooo much more mattified. After a couple more weeks of use, I could genuinely see a huge difference in my skin – I just wish I took a before and after picture for the ‘gram! Overall, if your skin is congested and your pores are full of sebum, the Soothing Serum is your skincare hero. (Thank me later.)” – Olivia, Content Assistant