6 Products That Beauty Bay Staff Are Obsessed With Right Now

One of the best things about working in Beauty Bay HQ (aside from donuts on birthdays and staff discount, of course) is that there are always samples of products making their way around the office to be tried and tested for the Beauty Bay seal of approval. This month we’ve tried glitter eyeliner, multi-use pads to remove makeup, and more – read on for the full haul. 

“If you’d asked me a few weeks ago if there was anything better than an RMS Living Luminizer, my answer would have been a straight-up no. But now there is something better, and that’s Luminizer x Quad, a palette containing no less than four(!) RMS Living Luminizers. That’s right, the cult classic has been reworked into four new shades, collated together into one sleek, compact (Instagrammable!) palette. Everything required to adorn cheeks, lips, and lids with high-impact, 100% luminosity. My skin looks like I drank 8 litres of water, spent a week in the Bahamas, and went on a juice cleanse. Stop reading and buy the thing.”

– Grace, Beauty Writer

“Living, working (and shopping) in Manchester I’m constantly aware of the physical toll that both indoor and outdoor pollutants are taking on my skin. Fighting back, I’m an advocate and regular participator in double-cleansing, masking, exfoliating and moisturising and I’ve just recently added a spray to the collection. Perfect for use on clean or fully made-up skin, Oskia’s City Life Facial Mist is the perfect handbag accessory for top-ups during the day. Packed with Vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid, the weightless mist adds hydration and luminosity that I know is creating instant and long-lasting protection.”

– Amelia, Copywriter

“Do your friends lecture you about using face wipes too? I totally get why they’re not great for skin, but the thing is, they’re the easiest thing out there, right? So I thought until Grace passed me a Face Halo to try. It’s a dual-sided, multi-use pad which gently but effectively buffs makeup off skin thanks to fibres 100 times finer than human hair. And the best part? You need nothing but water. Don’t ask me about the science/magic behind it because I have no idea, all I know is that I haven’t used face wipes since.”

– Rosie, Video Content Executive

“As autumn quickly creeps up on us I find myself leaving the natural “no-makeup makeup” looks behind and bringing out my new favourite palette: the ZOEVA Matte Eyeshadow Palette. Containing 10 warm and cool bronzy shades it has everything I need for both daytime friendly and sultry evening smoky eyes. As always, the pigmentation of these ZOEVA eyeshadows is amazing and the diverse range of shades means the possibilities of looks you can create are (quite literally) endless, making this my go-to palette of the moment.”

– Eden, Marketing Intern

“The transition between summer and autumn takes its toll on my skin especially in Manchester where wind and rain seem to be a daily occurrence. The cool air tends to leave my skin feeling dry, tight and generally uncomfortable. With no amount of moisturiser easing the struggle I’ve found myself turning to the Youth Lab Thirst Relief Mask. Designed to restore and secure moisture whilst boosting elasticity, its literally my everything during the colder seasons. I simply apply it for ten to fifteen minutes when I feel my skin needs a little TLC (usually just before bed) and the results are amazing.”

– Lizzie, Social Media Assistant

“If, like me, you thought glitter eyeliners were a thing best left in 2009 along with ‘foundation lips’ and so-thin-they-barely-exist eyebrows, you’ll be just as surprised as I was when I was passed a sample of the new LA Splash Diamond Eyeliner in Fool’s Gold to try. It turns out glitter eyeliner is a great way to add some sparkle to your look without having to go to all-over lid level. This particular formula glides smoothly along the lid without cracking and without having to dip back into the pot too much. The sample is still in my makeup bag (oops!), so this will definitely be making an appearance on my next night out!”

– Sarah, Marketing Assistant