6 Products That Beauty Bay Staff Are Obsessed With This Month

One of the best things about working in Beauty Bay HQ (aside from donuts on birthdays and staff discount, of course) is that there are always samples of products making their way around the office to be tried and tested for the Beauty Bay seal of approval. This month we’ve tried purple shampoo, the latest Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, and more – read on for the full haul.  

“I think I may have found the last palette I’ll ever need”


I first saw the press release for ABH’s Soft Glam Palette months ago when the brand sent in the preview and I spent ages convincing myself I didn’t need another palette (I had the same conversation with myself over the Jaclyn Hill Palette AND the Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette)…and I succeeded for a full 2 weeks since it launched on BB… Always needing a touch of colour on my eyelids, this palette has the perfect mix of neutral mattes for an understated daytime look (currently wearing Tempura, Orange Soda and Burnt Orange) but then the foil shades such as Rose Pink, Sultry and Glistening really amp up the glam factor.  What’s more…the formulas are super soft and blendable but with minimal fall out (big thumbs up as I’m not the neatest of eyeshadow appliers). I think I may have finally found the last palette I’ll ever need…maybe… 

– Michelle, Buyer

“The palette that made me realise you can never be too over-highlighted”


God knows I love a highlight. My beauty motto is that you can never be ‘over-highlighted’. As someone who owns more highlight palettes than they’d care to admit, if one can keep my attention it’s a big deal. One that I’ve been coming back to again and again is Jeffree Star’s 24 Karat Palette – the shade Sarcophagus is my whole life now. A stunning soft gold, it suits literally everyone, from my ghostly hue to a beautiful dark mocha skintone. I personally like to layer a bold ‘C’ shape from temple to cheekbone on top of another shade from the palette (I don’t mess around!) like Legendary – with six gorgeous big pans of stunning gold possibilities, why play safe? 

– Clare, Customer Service Advisor

“I’ve never been so impressed by eyeshadow brushes”


Usually I have some cool new mask or crazy coloured eyeshadow to rave about, but this month it’s a (relatively) boring one – yup, my stand-out favourites of the month are my new Nanshy eyeshadow brushes. I have the Eye Crease and Tapered Crease brushes, and between them I’ve majorly upped my cut crease eyeshadow game. They’re small (perfectly suited to fitting into the eye crease), soft (there’s nothing worse than scratchy eye brushes), and they blend both cream and powder formulas to perfection. I apply product using the Tapered Crease, then blend it with the Eye Crease because the bristles are looser and fluffier – et voila, flawlessly blended eyeshadow! 

– Grace, Beauty Writer

“This mask got the boyfriend seal of approval”


Between me and you, I didn’t have high hopes for Lovely Day’s Hyaluron + Bloom Pink Clay Mask. My skin is super aggressive (I’ve had acne since I was 13, and the lovely scars to prove it. The joys). So having said that, it’s pretty rare that I see/feel much difference with anything that isn’t from over a pharmacy counter. Guys, I was wrong. I’ll be real with you, it’s not my cup of tea in terms of the smell (bit too floral for me). But after 20 mins of pottering around, I rinsed off and was left majorly impressed. My skin felt so much calmer… Redness and inflammation went right down! Even though most of my acne has cleared up, the pigmentation it’s left behind really bothers me. This mask really helps, so it’s a ma-hooooooosive yes from me. Oh, and it got the boyfriend seal of approval – apparently my face was ‘extra specially soft’. 

– Sam, Senior Social Media Exec

“The first purple shampoo I’ve used that hasn’t disappointed”


Having used the high street purple shampoo and conditioners I was excited to hear rave reviews in the office about the Fudge Violet Shampoo and Conditioner. I was promised intense violet pigment, luscious smell and beautifully clean and soft hair – I was not disappointed! Having light brown to blonde ombre I was looking for something that would lighten my hair all over, not just pick up the lighter ends and within 2-3 uses I could see my hair overall was lighter in shade. With a gorgeous scent, my hair was left silky smooth and actually felt washed! Often with these types of hair treatments you find you hair doesn’t actually feel clean, however with the unique Hydrating Hair Drink Complex designed  to protect and nourish the hair I fell back in love with my hair!  

– Beth, Assistant Buyer

“The best cleanser I’ve ever used”


I use the Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap and I love it ❤  I’m in the gym a lot which means a lovely sweaty forehead and therefore spots around my hairline & forehead! Wonderful. My best friend is obsessed with skincare so she recommended me to try this out as it’s really gentle and so refreshing. It smells amazing and helps keep my skin clear. To be honest I basically love anything from Mario Badescu. 

– Harriot, Web Developer