Beauty Bay Staff Share Their Favourite Ways To Wear Colour Theory

New palettes are always fun to explore, especially when they each have 42 shades and a unique grid system that makes application effortless – suddenly everyone is in the mood to experiment…Ahead of the Colour Theory launch, Beauty Bay staff have been trying samples of the new palettes to give them their test runs – here’s what we came away obsessed with. Note: Everyone had a hard time choosing just one. 

Eden, Influencer Marketing Assistant wears Origin

“I can’t get enough of the warm berry tones in the Origin palette, I created look 5 in the palette an absolutely love how it turned out. The mattes where so creamy and blended like a dream – who knew I could get this excited about a transition shade! I spritzed the shimmers with some Mario Badescu setting spray to get even more of a mirrored effect for the centre of my lid.  In my job I get to see influencers first reactions to the palettes and I love being able to share our big secret with them when I tell them we’re launching Beauty Bay products, I’m so excited to see the looks everyone creates.”

Aimee, Email Designer wears Evolve

“I absolutely loved the fact that I can use the Colour Theory palettes like a step-by-step guide. No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch I can never remember what order to do each step in, so this palette has been an absolute lifesaver. I love that with Evolve there’s such a wide range of beautiful colours in one palette… there’s an insane amount of looks you can create from this palette alone. I’ve been heavily involved with the Colour Theory launch in the past few weeks – working closely with the design team I built and coded all email campaigns for the campaign. I also got the opportunity to create our WhatsApp group chat for the launch party. It was absolutely fascinating to see a group of people who’ve never met before bond so quickly over their love and passion for makeup!”

Grace, Beauty Editor wears Identity

“I’ve been involved with the creation of the Colour Theory palettes since day one, which involved picking the shades that would go in each one and deciding on the layout etc. We wanted the palettes to stand out and offer something a bit extra which is why we created the step-by-step concept. More recently, I’ve been busy writing tutorial articles to help beginners get the hang of the steps and inspire wearers to experiment with different looks. From the beginning, Identity instantly stood out to me as my favourite palette – I love that it’s such an eclectic mix of colour but still has safe neutrals and warm tones that I wear on an everyday basis. My favourite look to follow in the palette is look 2 – I just love the POP shade.”

Sarah, Events & Experiential Marketing Exec wears Origin

“I’m normally one for bright coloured eyeshadow so I first thought I would be best suited to the Identity palette, but I’m so happy I decided to try the Origin palette! When I’m creating more neutral/warm-toned looks I usually struggle to choose shades that complement each other, so obvs this palette was perfect ’cause it showed me exactly which colours to use together. I actually tried three looks from the palette in one weekend, and I loved them all. I’ve been involved in the Colour Theory launch by having the super fun job of organising the launch party we threw for some of our amazing customers and we even had @mmmMitchell there showing everyone how to use the Evolve palette. It’s been such a fab collection to launch! “

Michelle, Own Brand Project Manager wears Evolve

“I’ve been involved with Colour Theory through every step of the process – from picking the shades to be featured in each palette, working on the looks with the marketing team, sourcing the factory for the formula, negotiating pricing, working with our product designer on the packaging design, and communicating launch plans with the wider Beauty Bay business. It’s been a busy year, and it’s so exciting to see the palettes finally come to life. My favourite palette is Evolve because it is a happy medium of wearable neutrals with some smoky colours and amazing duochrome shades.”

Hannah, Customer Services Manager wears Evolve

“I am obsessed with the Evolve palette!! The shades are so pigmented, creamy and are a dream to blend – a little bit goes a long way. I absolutely love that each row gives you a full look, you don’t have to think about it because you just follow the steps. For this look I used row 4 on my right eye, but for my left eye I mixed it up and used shades from different rows. I used Liner 7 for the crease and lid, Transition 5 blend up and above crease, Highlight 3 for the inner corner, and Pop 7 across the lower lash line. Preparing for the launch of the Colour Theory palettes has been super exciting! We previewed the palettes and held a workshop so the whole team could learn about them, try them out and prepare for any customer queries we might get about them. I worked alongside the content and own brand teams to make sure the launch was just right for our lovely customers.”

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