6 Products That Beauty Bay Staff Are Obsessed With This Month

One of the best things about working in Beauty Bay HQ (aside from donuts on birthdays and staff discount, of course) is that there are always samples of products making their way around the office to be tried and tested for the Beauty Bay seal of approval. This month we’ve tried a brow growth serum, a heat-proof primer, and more – read on for the full haul… 

“I recently visited the hairdressers and while she was cutting and snipping she asked if I had false lashes on. Now I already knew they looked amazing (I’m never this confident) but this was confirmation that it wasn’t just all in my head… The cause? Grande Cosmetics. When they launched on Beauty Bay I was given a Brow Enhancing Serum that I tried on both my lashes and brows. First impressions, I absolutely loved the applicator. The small, flexible brush was so easy to use over the sparse areas in my eyebrows but also along the lash line when I doubled up. In a matter of weeks the results I saw from both were phenomenal. Honestly never have I ever used any product I’ve loved this much and it’s 1000% worth the slightly more expensive price tag. So much so that I’ve recently purchased both a brow and eyelash one as it’s definitely a case of you get what you pay for…insert heart eyes!!”

– Amelia, Copywriter

“How long has it been hot now? 2 months? Longer? As a self-confessed sun-seeker/lover, I am living my BEST life. I’m not one for the shade and I love to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. It soothes me. But that doesn’t mean I go for the fry – quite the opposite – I’m a stickler for spf. Both from a vain anti-ageing point of view and, more importantly, from a health and protection perspective. I’ve been using Alpha-H’s Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ right through the hot spell and it has been great. It hasn’t broken me out (oily/combo skin that breaks out when you look at it wrong) and I’ve been able to wear it under makeup daily without any slide. My face hasn’t burnt at all (and my nose is usually my flash point) – instead I’ve just cultivated a gentle golden glow. Consider me sold!”

– Llara, Head of UX

“The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette is the best pallete I own. Fact. This 35-piece palette (yes, 35!) allows you to create endless looks and has the perfect combo of colours including a range of shimmers that are sooo pigmented and easy to wear. This palette literally has the power to let me create a simple daytime look using just two colours, and a fancy evening look using multiple colours which really gives it the wow factor! Without a doubt, my favourite colour in this palette is Firework as not only does it have amazing application, it’s also guaranteed to make your eyes pop throughout the day.”

– Ella, Work Experience Intern

“I started taking Hairburst’s Hair Vitamins a few months ago to help my hair growth and health – they worked so well that I decided to invest in the brand’s shampoo and conditioner as well. After all, who isn’t prepared to go to any (and every) length to achieve longer, thicker, shinier hair? I’m nearing the end of the bottles and I can honestly say that my hair has never felt stronger and silkier. I don’t usually believe that shampoos and conditioners have to match but these work together like magic – I don’t even have to use hair masks as frequently as I used to any more.”

– Grace, Beauty Editor

“My latest beauty mission has been for the perfect primer. Not too silicone-y, not too oily – something juuust right for my combo skintype. My skin is fairly textured, and with a combination of the odd visible pore, fine lines and oiliness, it’s generally a bit of a nightmare trying to get my foundation applying flawlessly and staying that way all day and night – especially if the night happens to be 8 hours in a hot warehouse rave. Pure silicone primers just clog my pores, and nothing I’ve tried combats the dreaded cake face I typically end up with. Until now that is. Last week I impulse purchased Hylamide’s HA Blur Primer – and it might be one of my most successful beauty splurges. It’s got the most perfect velvet texture that sits in the sweet spot between a gel and silicone, and it instantly makes my skin look a thousand times smoother and glowier. That alone would be good enough for most, but it also creates the most perfect base for my Cover FX Power Play Foundation and keeps it looking fresh and smooth well through the night. It’s so good, that my foundation actually outlasted my handheld fan, which miserably fell apart somewhere around 2am. Yet my skin looked glowing even when I emerged into the daylight at 5am. Go purchase, you won’t regret it.”

– Rosie, Video Content Editor

“I’m no splurger when it comes to skincare, but when something works, it’s totally worth every penny. I use Mario Badescu’s Vitamin C Serum twice a week as part of my night time routine – don’t judge by the size of the bottle, a little goes along way, and the results are shining! Welcome smooth, glowing skin. My face literally feels plumped with life again! This will always be an essential to my skincare routine.”

– Liv, CRM Executive