10 Products BEAUTY BAY Staff Bought On Payday

If there’s one thing we look forward to all month, it’s payday. Our bank balance looks healthy again, we can top up our savings (to dip into halfway through the month) and indulge in some guilt-free splurging.

First on the payday to-do list at BEAUTY BAY HQ? Adding to our never-ending stash of beauty products. Scroll to find out what we hauled this month.

Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub

“Considering I have the oiliest skin; I have the driest lips! Hi Jeffree, how are ya?! Have you smelt his lip scrubs?! They are to die for. I am obsessed with all things fruity, so I’ve already used and abused his watermelon flavour. This payday I added his Jawbreaker Velour Lip Scrub in Pineapple Juice to my collection. These lip scrubs are made from natural ingredients, so I don’t have to worry about my lips becoming sensitive. They’re also edible, vegan friendly and taste amazing! I use this scrub every time I wear lipstick as it helps me remove any dead skin and colour which means I can apply my lippy the next day to fresh, soft lips. Dream!” – Stacey, Producer

Coconut Lane Palm Power Hair Wrap

“So, I’m really into my haircare ATM and I’ve been waiting to do a boujee buy since Coconut Lane first launched – however my bank balance wouldn’t quite allow it. I’ve been hearing absolutely everywhere how amazing hair wraps are for keeping your hair silky AF and stopping it from going greasy as quick (win win). I wasn’t really feelin’ looking like Vera Duckworth in bed at night, but the Palm Power Hair Wrap is so cute. It’s also really affordable compared to the others on the market, and I’m actually excited to whack it on at night. Soft, silky locks – I’m ready for ya! It’d be rude not to get the Palm Power Hair Mask too, so that also went straight in my bag!” – Rochelle, Social Media Assistant

Carbon Theory Cleansing Bar

“I’ve been seeing before and after pictures of this “miracle” cleansing bar all over the internet for months so when we finally managed to start stocking the brand I had to get my hands on it. The first thing I loved about it was the price and at £6 I don’t think you can go wrong. The second thing I loved about it was the smell and feel, it wasn’t difficult to use, and I didn’t need a lot of water to lather it up. The third thing I loved was of course the results! I get really bad spots and breakouts on my jawline and within 3 weeks they have substantially decreased. I’ll definitely be buying it again but this time I’ll be investing in the moisturiser and tonic too!” – Maddie, New Business Brand Manager

Milani Conceal & Perfect Long Wear Concealer

“Have you ever tried a product for the first time and simply fallen in love with it? Well, this was me as soon as the new Milani Conceal & Perfect Concealers dropped on our desks a few weeks ago, and I just knew I was going to have to stock up as soon as they dropped on site! The formula is just perfect, it has a full coverage finish that dries down meaning that it’s not sliding all over and really keeps the coverage in the areas you need it the most. Coming in a range of 15 shades, this is a gamechanger!” – Eden, Influencer Marketing Assistant

BEAUTY BAY EYN Nude Matte 9 Colour Palette

“This payday I finally added BEAUTY BAY’s EYN Nude Matte 9 Colour Palette to my haul. I’ve been lusting over it for a while now, but I’ve been holding out for my summer holiday – there is nothing better than fresh makeup on holiday. These bronzy sunset hues are exactly what I’m vibing this summer – paired with a nude lip and hard worked on tan. Plus, it is super hand luggage friendly! I was tempted to crack it open and experiment as soon as it arrived, but for the sake of soft, bronzy holiday looks, I’ve packed it three weeks early!” – Olivia, Content Assistant

Saturday Skin Daily Essentials

Saturday Skin’s Rise & Shine Cleanser is my favourite cleanser of all time, and I’ve been wanting to try out some more of the brand’s products for a while now. This payday I treated myself to the Daily Essentials set, which contains the cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser. These minis are perfect for trialling before you buy the bigger versions and they’re all under 100ml, so I’ll definitely be packing them in my hand luggage when I go to Belgium next month. It turns out I love the eye cream and moisturiser just as much as the cleanser, so the full sizes are already on my wishlist ready to add to bag next payday!” – Francesca, Marketing Executive

Farsali Skintune Blur

“I’ve heard great things about Farsali products, so I’ve been waiting to get my hands on their Skintune Blur for ages. I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately after application, my face feels so smooth and velvety! It is mattifying but not drying which is fantastic for my sensitive/combination skin. It adds a blurring filter to my face, and I love how my foundation looks over it. This is hands down the best primer I’ve purchased so far, and the one I’ve been reaching for ever since.” – Anita, Logistics 

Briogeo B Well Cold-Pressed Organic Castor Oil

“For a long time, I had an ultra-sharp bob that was cut very regularly, so my hair’s health was never really at the forefront of my priorities. But as I’ve let my hair grow longer and it’s been through the process of balayage, I’ve noticed that it’s a little drier and more prone to breakage. So this payday, I added the Briogeo B Well Cold-Pressed Organic Castor Oil to my bag because I’ve finally decided that it’s time to pull my socks up and give my hair just as much TLC as I give to my skin. Castor Oil is really rich in hair-enhancing properties like fatty acids and Vitamin E, and it’s just as friendly to your brows, lashes and skin too – bonus! Plus, the bottle is really cute to feature on my increasingly crammed bathroom shelf.” – Kate, Content Assistant

The Gypsy Shrine Liquid Eyeshadow

“If you want to change up your look, try glitter glam. The Gypsy Shrine Liquid Eyeshadow in Opalescent has been a game changer for my makeup bag. Applied either on top of shadow, or on its own for a statement look, this glitter shadow stays put all day or night and adds a bit of magic to your makeup. The shadow comes in a variety of shades and each one gives the most amazing pop to your eye look. I’m already planning to add more to my basket next payday!” – Ailsa, Customer Services

Gelée Glow Multi Use Highlighter

“I’ve been looking forward to payday for more reasons than just this, but I was most excited about buying the Gelée Glow Multi Use Highlighter in Galaxy Glow – it was on my Wishlist all month! This deep rose gold shade is perfect for summer, whether you’re heading to a festival, going on holiday or having a staycation. A dewy finish is a must during summer, so this gel formula is perfect for a soft glow or for building up a blinding highlight. Galaxy Glow is great for all skin tones – I am loving it whilst I’m a bit paler and I cannot wait to glow OTT using it on my face and body when I’ve got a bit of a tan on holiday!” – Jess, Merchandising Assistant