8 Products BEAUTY BAY Staff Tried & Loved In February

If there is one thing we know, it’s that the BEAUTY BAY staff really know their beauty recommendations. Working with makeup, skincare, haircare, and wellness gives you an eye for spotting a great beauty purchase, which is why we always recommend checking in with the BEAUTY BAY staff faves before clicking ‘buy’ on your next haul. 

See below for everything they tried, tested, and loved in February. 

Nabla Skin Glazing Highlighter

‘If you are looking for a highlighter that looks like you have been kissed from the sun, look NO FURTHER! The NABLA Skin Glazing Highlighter is so smooth and shiny I will never use any other highlighter again. My go to shade is Ozone and looks amazing not only on the cheek bones, but also on your brown bones and cupids bow for that extra oomph in your make up routine. Apply it over your make up, or even just on a bare face, it completes your look always!’

Faye, Customer Service Advisor

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleansing Shampoo

‘In January, I dyed my hair forest green. I’m now bored and ready for a change! Whilst eagerly awaiting the re-opening of my favourite salon I’m using the miracle that is Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleansing Shampoo. The shampoo has a gorgeous clean soapy scent and gets deep between your hair strands and scalp for a super thorough, super foamy clean-it’s a hard worker! Clarifying shampoos are really useful for fading hair dye and I’m at a minty colour now in preparation for my next transformation, the soft silky feel and fresh scent of my locks are a definite bonus! I totally understand the hype.’

Clare, Senior Customer Service Advisor 

By BEAUTY BAY The Jade Gua Sha

‘I’ve been loving using the By BEAUTY BAY The Jade Gua Sha morning and night through February! AM – It instantly refreshes the skin, reducing puffiness and overnight bloating on my cheeks, jaw, and under-eyes. It also seriously reduces my morning double chin! PM – I have a lot of tension in my jaw and find an evening gua sha sesh super relaxing and relieves the tension as well as helping my evening skincare absorb into the skin. At the end of the day staring at my laptop and phone, taking some time for self-care is really important to me and using the gua sha as part of my routine feels like a dreamy at-home facial while we’re still in lockdown.’

Imogen, Senior Brand & Partnerships Executive – Private Label

The Origins CLEAR IMPROVEMENT™ Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores

‘I’m a sucker for a charcoal mask and when Origins launched on BEAUTY BAY I had to try their CLEAR IMPROVEMENT™ Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores! A little bit goes a long way, it smells incredible, and it feels even better… I could feel it working as soon as I put it on and I could see clear results after rinsing it off! My pores looked minimised after one used and my skin felt super soft. I can’t wait to use it again!’

Sophie, Senior Marketing Executive – Social Media

Cosrx AC Collection Acne Patch

‘My new faves are the COSRX AC Collection Acne Patches – I have always been an acne sufferer but with my now extensive skincare routine (thanks BEAUTY BAY) I can now keep most of them at bay. However, at least once a week a lil spot creeps up, and these patches are the perfect solution. They are basically invisible on the skin, when WFH I wear one all day. You can’t see it on a Zoom call, it prevents more bacteria getting in and draws out the inflammation – win win!’

Ellie, Marketing Manager – Social Media

Spectrum Collections Brush Laundrette Towel

‘Like doing laundry and unsubscribing from emails, cleaning my makeup brushes is a chore that I typically hold off until the very last minute. But I’m also hyperaware that it’s an incredibly essential step – everyone knows that dirty brushes harbour bacteria which causes breakouts, and the cleaner your brushes are, the better your makeup application will be. Although generally speaking, you definitely don’t need anything fancy to get the job done (many makeup artists simply use rubbing alcohol), I’ve found that certain products and tools do help to speed up the process and make it slightly more enjoyable. Sigma’s Brush Laundrette Towel has been a simple but surprising gamechanger. It saves me from cluttering every surface with wet makeup brushes post-clean, and because it allows you to dry brushes upside down, it prevents water from building up in the brushes and breaking down the glue that holds the brush together, which means they last longer. Win, win.’

Grace, Marketing Manager – Content 

By BEAUTY BAY The Facial Cleansing Pads

‘I’m a fully-fledged cleansing pad convert. If you’re in that in between phase of leaving face wipes behind and moving to a reusable pad, then you need By BEAUTY BAY’s The Facial Cleansing Pads to help you on your way. Not only can they be reused up to 800 times (that’s over two years per pad!) and eco-friendly, they’re also the BEST at removing all traces of makeup and daily grime. I use my pads morning and evening with cleanser to give my skin a good old clean, and when I’m done, I pop them in the wash basket to be washed with my normal laundry. It. Could. Not. Be. Easier. Another plus, you’ll never run out of pads, so you’ll never have an excuse for not taking your makeup off.’

Olivia, Marketing Executive – Content 


‘Like most of us, is your skin craving the sun, sea, and sand? Unfortunately, I can’t bring you all of these, but with the Glow Hub Nourish and Hydrate Toner Essence, your skin will feel like it’s been on an all-inclusive!  Infused with peach and coconut, this toner glides over your skin while nourishing and hydrating along the way. After the first use, I noticed a considerable difference in my usually dry skin. Using it twice daily, once in the morning and once before I go to sleep, the toner hydrates and softens with long lasting effects.’

Elisha, Customer Service Advisor