9 New Products Our Beauty Editor Tried And Loved Last Month

From tech-inspired skincare to supersize eyeshadow palettes, our ‘What’s New’ page has been brimming with cool new brands and product innovations this past month, and I’ve been lucky enough to try a fair few of them. It was impossible for me to pick just one product I loved – so I’m letting you in on all the one – across the categories of skin, hair, and makeup – that I couldn’t get enough of in August. 

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

This no-frills cleansing balm has been my first foray into the iconic brand and never has my cleansing routine been so easy – or so next-level. It literally melts the makeup off my face with zero scrubbing required, hydrates my skin without making it greasy, and (if I have time) is perfect for giving myself a spa-style face massage. 

Beached Rays For Days Bronzer Serum

As a super pale person, I’m generally wary of bronzers (especially in liquid form), but Rays For Days has made me a convert. The serum-like formula is nowhere near as pigmented as it first appears – but I only need a tiny drop to bring a subtle warmth and radiance to my fair skin. I’ve retired my foundation and have just been using this and my go-to concealer for an easy morning routine. 

Gallinée Prebiotic Face Vinegar

I’ll admit I was wary of trying this product when I saw the name – ‘vinegar’ doesn’t sound particularly appetising… But since trying it out, I’m reminded why it’s so important to never judge a book by its cover/beauty product by its name. I’ve always been a fan of probiotic skincare (which is amazing for balancing troubled skin), but with this product I saw a dramatic difference after just one use – and have experienced fewer blemishes since using it. 

Neighbourhood Botanicals Dream Dream Dream Sleep Oil

As a slave to my water-based moisturiser and retinol serum, I rarely use face oils anymore, but a recent bout of dry, flaky skin convinced me that my face was in desperate need of something a little richer. I’ve been massaging this moringa and rosehip blend into my skin before bed (with a gua sha) twice weekly instead of my usual night cream. The result: softer, nourished skin (and it smells amazing). 

Generation Clay Purifying Pink Clay Mask

As someone who’s pretty much always battling either congestion or fading blemish scars, not a week goes by that I don’t use a face mask at least once. This pink clay-based one is one of the softest I’ve used, so doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry after removal and is surprisingly easy to remove. What’s more, it’s doing a stellar job of both healing my old breakouts and keeping new ones at bay. 

Erno Lazlo Eye Patches

These under-eye patches are a tad pricier than some you might find, but with good reason – they’re better. From the material to the ingredients, you can tell that a lot of research has gone into making them. Each hydrogel patch is soaked in a serum blend of algae extract, allantoin, vitamin B, and amino acids to offer intense hydration – trust me, they work. 

West Barn Co Coconut Dew Facial Mist

It’s not every day I get excited about a face mist, but this mini-sized bottle is just soooo good. Firstly, it smells like coconuts – and not the sickly-sweet artificial kind, the real deal! Secondly, it’s packed with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and aloe vera, so it’s perfect for keeping my skin hydrated and refreshed when on the go. I originally bought it to use with Soapbrows, but now I find myself taking it with me everywhere I go. 

BEAUTY BAY Liquid Crystal in Peach Quartz

I just finished rewatching Euphoria for the second time, so naturally, I’ve been wearing this sheer peach-toned glitter on my lids at every opportunity – preferably with a bold purple eyeliner and lashings of mascara. The super smooth blend of colour pigment and subtle shimmer is perfect for easily crafting both bold and subtle eye looks. 

Amika Dry Shampoo

Old-school dry shampoos never quite got on with my hair – leaving it feeling heavy and sticky – so I was never able to get the hype. But I read so many rave reviews of Amika’s version that I decided to try it out to see if it would work better. It absolutely did. The formula is completely weightless and does an amazing job at extending the lifespan of my fringe.